Sunday, July 31, 2011

Review: P2 Deep Water Love Collection

My dear readers,

today I would like to show you some swatches from the Deep Water Love Collection by P2 which is their limited edition available in DM drugstores in July and August this year. The collection consists of four different nailpolishes with matching lipglosses and eyeshadows. If you follow the bold link above, you can see the whole collection. Out of the four available nail polishes I got three, named Green Lagoon, Blue Horizon and Purple Sky. The fourth is Rosy Coral but I did not buy this one because I am not into pinks so I knew I wasn't going to wear it - and I ususally buy only the stuff I know I'd wear. Well, here are pictures of the polishes in their bottles. All of them have a nice shimmer in matching colors. The green and the blue have - at least in the bottle - a slight purple shimmer, but this did not show up on the nails in the end.

P2 Deep Water Love limited edition nailpolishes

The first polish I swatched was Green Lagoon. The description in the store already said that it was a "semi-transparent" polish so I was prepared to apply several coats. What you see on the picture below is three coats. This polish has a really sheer turquoise base! On my ring finger I added a fourth coat, which didn't really change much.

P2 Green Lagoon photographed in natural light.

 Blue Horizon basically was the same, just with a sheer light blue base.

P2 Blue Horizon photographed in natural light.

So after these two I wasn't really looking forward to Purple Sky, but this one surprised me. It was not as sheer or transparent as the others. Instead, it was completely opaque after two coats! Therefore, it wasn't as shimmery as the other two and I feel like the shimmer particles of Purple Sky are smaller than in the other polishes.

P2 Purple Sky photographed in natural light.

Texture of all three polishes was good and they went on flawlessly, though Purple Sky was a bit thicker than the other two. Drying time was good as well and 7ml were only 2,29€ (approx. 3,30$). I do like the purple, but the others were just too sheer for my liking. I will try to apply them over another base color anytime soon and see what that makes them look like.

That's it for today. Thanks for reading and have a nice Sunday!
- Sabine


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Poll: Book of the week

Today I will write about something different, because aside from nail polish, I like books a lot. I don't have as many books as I have nailpolish bottles, but still my shelf is about to explode. When I am interested in a book, I love to buy it and keep it afterwards. Well, here is an impression of what my book shelf looks like at the moment.
My bookshelf - July 2011
To the left and right there are my boyfriend's and my CDs, but the books in the middle are all mine :) I own mostly fantasy, science fiction, thriller and crime books. However there are many cookbooks and books about traveling, history and other non-fiction stuff.
Anyway, what will this post be about? Among my books are many unread ones which are eagerly waiting to be read! Due to my job I really neglected reading in the past and I do want to do it more often again. And therefore I need your help, because I really can't decide what to read next. So I planned to introduce three different books to you and via the comments you can vote which I should read next. At the momennt I am reading Thomas Gifford's Assassini, which I will finish today or tomorrow. Afterwards I thought I could need some fantasy stuff again, so here are this week's three books:
From left to right: The Passage - The Ambassador's Mission - Judastöchter
First we have The Passage by Justin Cronin in its German version. If you follow the links, you will find a description of the book. Second there is The Ambassador's Mission (The Traitor Spy Trilogy) by Trudi Canavan, which I also own in the German version where it is titled Sonea. And thirdly we have a book from a German author Markus Heitz and his book Judastöchter. Sadly there is no english version of this bookseries, but it is about vampires, to speak generally.
So if anyone of you knows one of the books or can recommend one, please let me know! You can vote via a comment and the book with most votes will be read next. Also, please let me know if you think such a poll would be a good idea and if you would like to see this more often. But don't panic, the focus of this blog will remain on nailpolish ;)

Thanks for reading and voting and have a nice weekend.
- Sabine


Thursday, July 28, 2011

NOTD: Essence I'm a marine girl

Hello my readers!

Seems like I am already a little behind with my posts because the manicure I am showing you today I actually wore last week... So either I change my polish too often or I don't blog enough, haha.

Anyway, since I really liked this color, I will now introduce you to Essence's I'm a marine girl from their limited summer edition 50's girls reloaded. The collection consists of three different blue shades, a vibrant red and a white polish. I picked the intense navy blue with a matching shimmer in it. I took some pictures in sunlight as well as natural and artificial light, but the shimmer was really hard to catch on the nails, but I hope you get an idea. On my left pinkie I stamped a hibiscus flower with China Glaze's Adore from the Romantique collection.

Essence's I'm a marine girl photographed in direct sunlight

Essence's I'm a marine girl taken in artificial light
Essence's I'm a marine girl photographed in artificial light

The texture of the polish was not the best because it was thick and it was very hard to apply a thin coat. So I applied two thicker coats to get it completely opaque. Surprisingly drying time was really quick for such a thick nail polish! Afterwards I added a coat of Essence Extreme Shine topcoat.
After two days I needed a new look without redoing my nails so I just matted the navy with China Glaze Matte Magic. This made the polish look much darker and not sparkling anymore.

Essence's I'm a marine girl with China Glaze Matte Magic Top coat
On the third day I wanted something shiny again - still lacking the time for a new mani - so I added two coats of Nail Art Special Effect Topper Hello Holo, again from Essence. This is a clear base with small round holo glitter particles. Again the holo effect was pretty hard to catch on camera and from some angles it just appears as a simple silver glitter, but when the light hits right, there is a nice holographic effect!

Hello Holo top coat in direct sunlight

Hello Holo top coat in natural light

Hello Holo top coat in dim artificial light
So if you can find Essence's I'm a marine girl, I would recommend buying it since it's a pretty shiny and shimmery navy blue which costs only 1,79€ (approx. 2,55$) for 15ml.

Again, thanks for reading a be prepared for more swatches and reviews coming this weekend!
- Sabine

Monday, July 25, 2011

Psychedelic Summer Water Marbling

Hello my dear reader,

today I would like to show you another water marbling I did last weekend. Since the weather hasn't really changed much since my last post (on Sunday we had 12°C and rain all day!), I thought it was again time for summer - at least on my nails. Already a couple of weeks ago I bought different polishes that I wanted to use for that particular manicure but somehow I couldn't manage to do this marbling earlier. Actually I got inspired by this YouTube tutorial so I got myself a vibrant blue, red and yellow nailpolish and gave it a try. The blue I used is called Cool and the Gang and the red is Call It Fame and they are from Essence. Both of these polishes are cremes, so there is no shimmer or glitter in it and to me they appear to have a jelly-ish finish. The yellow I used is OPI Need Sunglasses?, which also has a creme finish. However, Need Sunglasses? is much thinner than the two Essence nail polishes, but all three of them spread very well on the water. Until now I have only used room temperature tab water, but this time I tried room temperature filtered water, since many water marbling tutorials recommend that. Indeed the polish spread even better than in tab water, though tab water also worked fine for me in the past. Maybe it depends on the quality of the tab water, if you have hard or soft water.
As a base I simply used a Calcium base coat, but I think next time I will use one coat of the yellow polish to make the colors pop even more and to get the yellow parts completely opaque, as I experienced that yellow polishes sometimes need more coats than usual. Anyway, here are the pictures of this water marbling.

My favorite fingers are my left middle and ring finger as well as my right thumb, though I like the patterns on all of them - though I wish the yellow would stand out a little bit more. So next time I will use two drops of yellow. Although the Essence polishes are from the XXXL shine collection, they do need a top coat to really get this shiny finish.

If you have any questions or want to know how this is done, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading and until next time.
- Sabine

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

China Glaze Riveter Rouge & P2 Golden Rush

Dear Reader,

I know it is summer – well, it is supposed to be but over here in Germany we are still waiting for it to finally arrive. So since it almost feels like autumn whenever I look out the window and see rain, dark clouds and a strong wind blowing, I thought I might as well wear a polish from a fall collection. I chose to wear China Glaze’s Riveter Rouge from the Vintage Vixen collection to go with my outfit for a BBQ with friends, which was mostly black. I just like the dark vampy reds, so why only wear it during fall?

Riveter Rouge is a dark burgundy red with matching red and silver microglitter particles. I know it’s supposed to be silver, but on my nails it looks kind of golden to me. It just took me two coats to get it opaque and the polish has a decent frosty finish – you need to have a real close look to see the brush strokes. Consistency was good, neither too thin nor too thick so I could apply it flawlessly on my nails. Unfortunately the glitter particles rise to the surface resulting in a bumpy surface. Even after two coats of my Essence 60 seconds top coat it was still not completely smooth. The pictures below were taken with artificial light (upper left), natural light (upper right), shade (lower left) or direct sunlight (lower right).

I have worn this manicure for 2 days and due to lack of time to do my nails all over again, I applied a layer of P2 crackle top coat Golden Rush to hide some cracks. This polish has a nice golden color with matching tiny glitter particles in it. It dries very fast, as all crackles I have tried so far, and has a matte finish. On my left hand I applied one thick coat which gave really wide cracks. On my right hand I tried to apply it thinner, which resulted in narrower cracks. Texture of the crackle polish was good, though it dried extremely fast and got a little thick on the brush. Again to smooth this out you need at least two coats of top coat or even more, if you apply a thick layer.

Products used in this manicure:
Base: Nivea Beauté White & Smooth
China Glaze Riveter Rouge: two coats
P2 crackle top coat Golden Rush: one coat
Top: Essence 60 seconds top coat

As you can see, I am not yet an expert in how to nicely arrange the photos in this blogger compose window. Hope I can fingure out how to resize and arrange the photos in a better way soon!

However, I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave a comment.
- Sabine

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New polishes - BeYu, H&M and OPIs

Yesterday was Friday and after a horrible week I felt like going to shop some polishes I've seen on the internet before. Actually I was looking for a polish by Isadora called Grafitti Nails I saw in Douglas' online shop. This is actually a crackle polish that was available in lots of different colors (at least online). But when I went there, they didn't even have a single polish of that brand. Well, then I could as well browse through the other polishes they had - and here is what I got in the end:

From left to right these are BeYu 325 (again a brand does not name its polishes), Peppermint fusion and Sizzling Lime from H&M, Burlesque teasers, Rising Star and Last Friday Night, all from OPI. The OPIs were on discount so I just couldn't help but taking them home, haha.

OK, let's have a closer look at the polishes.

BeYu is - at least to my knowledge - only available at Douglas perfumeries and I have never seen this brand on other blogs before. Anyway, #325 is a dark grey base with a subtle silver shimmer and medium blue shimmer particles. The close up photo below makes the polish appear more blue than it actually is. I really hope this nice blue shimmer will show up in the nails as well!

Then I got two polishes from H&M. I didn't even know they sell polishes, but after I have seen a couple of pics on other blogs I got curious. Usually I don't go to H&M because I just don't like the clothes they sell. I was surprised that they offered quite a lot of different polishes and I found two that looked interesting to me. The smaller one on the left is Sizzling Lime and it's a chartreuse green with a slight shimmer to it. Guess that is one of the color that only appeals to some people and I myself am not sure if I will like it on my nails. But since it is pretty cheap, I thought it was worth a try.
The second one is called Peppermint Fusion and is a dusty light blue with a purple undertone. This one also has a decent matching shimmer to it and I feel like this is a great color for spring and summer. However, this one was hard to photograph and the shimmer does not show up on camera as much as I wanted to, but I hope you get an impression of that color.

Now on to the OPIs. The first one I found in the rack was Rising Star from last year's holiday collection Burlesque. It is a golden almost copper foil metallic polish with a very intense shine. I guess it was an discount because it already had seperated. Well, I just shook it and voilà, it was ok again! The other OPI is Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection and this one is a very light blue base with different glitter particles in it. There's tiny multicolor glitter as well as larger chunks of green, blue and pink glitter. As this one is very sheer, I might mostly use it on top of another color. And here's the picture of those two.

Finally, on to the last ones I got. This is a teaser pack consisting of four small polishes from the Burlesque collection from 2010. One is Rising Star again. Then it contains Take the Stage, which is a orange-bronze metallic with a foil finish. Again a warm color. Third we have The Show Must Go On, which is a pink with a decent golden shimmer. This is probably the color I like least because I am not into pinks. Last but not least we have a small version of Ali's Big Break, which is a beautiful jelly-red with gold flecks in it. I have seen swatches of Tease-y Does It, which is not included in this teaser pack and it looked really vampy, which I like. So hopefully I can get my hands on that one, too.

As always, I cannot wait to try these and as soon as I have, I will let you know and take some pictures! 
Until then, thanks for reading. If you have any suggestions or improvements for my blog, please feel free to leave a comment!
- Sabine


Thursday, July 14, 2011

US Ebay Haul

Since I am living in Germany, I can't go to the local drugstore and pick up some bottles of OPI or China Glaze nail polish (sad enough!). At least you can order them in a couple of online shops, but usually the'yre pretty expensive. Then I found a lot of polishes on Ebay in the US and even with the shipping costs, they were much cheaper than when I would have bought them here. To cut a long story short: I just had to buy some of them! Actually I already received the package a week or so ago but I thought I might as well share my haul with you. So here's what I got.

Those are from left to right Covered in Diamonds, Paris White and On the Wild Side from Color Club. Below you see the same polishes with camera flash.

Covered in Diamonds is from the Untamed Luxary Collection Fall 2010 and is a glittery topcoat. The clear base is packed with tons of mylar glitter particles, so it is quite thick. Let's see how it looks over a dark color. Paris White was a rather random choice I have to admit, but I just wanted some white I could use as a base color for the neons I have. Since I have pale skin, wearing white would not suit me I guess. But I like how it makes bright colors pop.
On the Wild Side is also from a Fall collection called Wild at Heart and it is a dark steel grey metallic. I liked the color in the bottle and I only later read on some blogs that it applies quite streaky and has a very frosty finish. I still haven't tried it yet, though and I am curious to see what it looks like on my nails.

Then of course I got some China Glaze polishes from different collections.

Below you see one picture with natural light, the lower one is taken with a flash. From left to right the polishes are Meteor Shower, Ginger, Senorita Bonita, Solar Power and Matte Magic Top coat. Oh well, just realized that in the flash picture the bottles are exactly the other way around, sorry for that.

Meteor Shower is a dark blue jelly-ish polish with tons of glitter in different colors (so far I discovered green, turquoise and gold). Ginger is another glitter polish consisting of a copper base and regular as well as some holographic glitter. Senorita Bonita is from this year's summer collection called Island Escape and my collection only lacked this one. It's a purple/magenta color with gold and kinda pink sparkles in it. The yellow is Solar Power from 2008 Spring E-collection. It's a really bright and poppy yellow with some decent golden shimmer.

The two OPIs I got are Jade is the new Black and My private yet. JISNB is from last years spring/summer Hong Kong collection and I just love this green color. In the flash picture Jade is the new Black appears way too bright. You get a better impression of its actual color in the natural photo. Hope it turns out the same on my nail! My Private Jet initially came out in 2007 as a part of the Night Brights collection and since then, OPI have changed the color a little. Sadly this one is without the holo pigments the original version had, but I still like this a lot. 

Last but not least I bought one Orly polish - which is the first one of that brand I ever got. I ordered Halleys Comet from the Cosmic FX collection and I already wore it - like it a lot! It's a duo-chrome turquoise with blue, green and gold shimmery pigments in it. Though I read that it's "just" a dupe for OPI's Caught in your Net and Zoya Charla. But since I don't own one of those, I am not disappointed at all. But what I have to say is that it left some blue stainings on my nails even though I used a base coat. Next time I might use two coats of that before applying Halleys Comet!

So far I just wore Orly's Halleys Comet and China Glaze's Solar Power I used for the Lava Lamp water marble I posted earlier. Whenever I've tried the rest of my haul, I will let you know and share some pictures with you!

Thanks for stopping by,
- Sabine

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lava Lamp Water Marble Manicure

Since I discovered Colette's Blog and her wonderful water marbling tutorial two months ago, I have planned to try this myself. My first attempt was rather poorly executed and didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to look on my nails. But still I wanted to try this Lava Lamp inspired water marble design - you can find her tutorial HERE - since it's well suited for summer. Luckily I was able to get the same colors - that are Orange Marmelade and Solar Power, both from China Glaze - and I gave it a try.

Actually I am pretty happy with the result of my second try. It is not perfect since I got a little bubbling on my left index and middle finger and I'm still struggling with cleanup of my cuticles afterwards, but all in all the result really pleased me. Despite the small bubbles, my favorite fingers are my left thumb, index and middle finger.

This mani made me fall in love even more with China Glaze's polishes, because I have been wearing it for two days now. Due to my job I am wearing gloves most of the day, which usually results in chipping of the polishes before quitting time at day one. But with this manicure: no chipping, no signs of tip wear, it still looks kind of "new" - WOW! I just wish I was living in the US so I could get my hands on China Glaze polish easier...

However, I feel like taking it off tomorrow evening so I can try on another color :-D

Thanks for reading,
- Sabine

PS: As you can see, I am still struggling with the arrangement of the photos... If you have any suggestion how to arrange two or more pictures next to each other, please let me know!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Welcome - Very first post on my first blog

I finally gave in to the lures of creating an own blog. However, I am not too familiar with all those functions of this blogger page, so please be a little patient with me. I hope I can learn fast.
Although I am living in Germany I have decided to write this blog in English because I feel like I can reach more nail polish addicts around the globe. The main focus of this blog will be on nail polish, which is my most recent obsession, but from time to time I might also write about photography, cooking and other hobbies of mine.

But why another blog about nails? I'm pretty aware of the fact that there is a whole bunch of other pretty professional blogs about manicures out there which actually inspired me to do a blog on my own. These blogs provided to much useful information that I thought I might as well share my experiences with you since there seems to be a quite large community interested in this topic.

With that said, on to my nails. I just removed my old polish (which sadly left some staining on my nails) and so I wanted to show you pictures of my naked nails:

My right ring finger and pinkie broke two weeks ago and I am still waiting for them to become the same length as the other nails since I don't want to cut them all down. They are approx. 4mm of free edge that the moment and I think I will leave them at this lenght since they keep breaking if I grow them longer. That is probably also due to my job because I work in a lab as a biologist and thus I am wearing gloves most of the day (which definately does not help nail polish to last). Therefore I do my nails at least twice a weak, which will hopefully give me a lot of material to share with you on my new blog.

Thanks for reading and if I haven't bored you too much, I hope you will come back to my blog again!
- Sabine
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