Wednesday, July 20, 2011

China Glaze Riveter Rouge & P2 Golden Rush

Dear Reader,

I know it is summer – well, it is supposed to be but over here in Germany we are still waiting for it to finally arrive. So since it almost feels like autumn whenever I look out the window and see rain, dark clouds and a strong wind blowing, I thought I might as well wear a polish from a fall collection. I chose to wear China Glaze’s Riveter Rouge from the Vintage Vixen collection to go with my outfit for a BBQ with friends, which was mostly black. I just like the dark vampy reds, so why only wear it during fall?

Riveter Rouge is a dark burgundy red with matching red and silver microglitter particles. I know it’s supposed to be silver, but on my nails it looks kind of golden to me. It just took me two coats to get it opaque and the polish has a decent frosty finish – you need to have a real close look to see the brush strokes. Consistency was good, neither too thin nor too thick so I could apply it flawlessly on my nails. Unfortunately the glitter particles rise to the surface resulting in a bumpy surface. Even after two coats of my Essence 60 seconds top coat it was still not completely smooth. The pictures below were taken with artificial light (upper left), natural light (upper right), shade (lower left) or direct sunlight (lower right).

I have worn this manicure for 2 days and due to lack of time to do my nails all over again, I applied a layer of P2 crackle top coat Golden Rush to hide some cracks. This polish has a nice golden color with matching tiny glitter particles in it. It dries very fast, as all crackles I have tried so far, and has a matte finish. On my left hand I applied one thick coat which gave really wide cracks. On my right hand I tried to apply it thinner, which resulted in narrower cracks. Texture of the crackle polish was good, though it dried extremely fast and got a little thick on the brush. Again to smooth this out you need at least two coats of top coat or even more, if you apply a thick layer.

Products used in this manicure:
Base: Nivea Beauté White & Smooth
China Glaze Riveter Rouge: two coats
P2 crackle top coat Golden Rush: one coat
Top: Essence 60 seconds top coat

As you can see, I am not yet an expert in how to nicely arrange the photos in this blogger compose window. Hope I can fingure out how to resize and arrange the photos in a better way soon!

However, I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave a comment.
- Sabine

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