Saturday, July 16, 2011

New polishes - BeYu, H&M and OPIs

Yesterday was Friday and after a horrible week I felt like going to shop some polishes I've seen on the internet before. Actually I was looking for a polish by Isadora called Grafitti Nails I saw in Douglas' online shop. This is actually a crackle polish that was available in lots of different colors (at least online). But when I went there, they didn't even have a single polish of that brand. Well, then I could as well browse through the other polishes they had - and here is what I got in the end:

From left to right these are BeYu 325 (again a brand does not name its polishes), Peppermint fusion and Sizzling Lime from H&M, Burlesque teasers, Rising Star and Last Friday Night, all from OPI. The OPIs were on discount so I just couldn't help but taking them home, haha.

OK, let's have a closer look at the polishes.

BeYu is - at least to my knowledge - only available at Douglas perfumeries and I have never seen this brand on other blogs before. Anyway, #325 is a dark grey base with a subtle silver shimmer and medium blue shimmer particles. The close up photo below makes the polish appear more blue than it actually is. I really hope this nice blue shimmer will show up in the nails as well!

Then I got two polishes from H&M. I didn't even know they sell polishes, but after I have seen a couple of pics on other blogs I got curious. Usually I don't go to H&M because I just don't like the clothes they sell. I was surprised that they offered quite a lot of different polishes and I found two that looked interesting to me. The smaller one on the left is Sizzling Lime and it's a chartreuse green with a slight shimmer to it. Guess that is one of the color that only appeals to some people and I myself am not sure if I will like it on my nails. But since it is pretty cheap, I thought it was worth a try.
The second one is called Peppermint Fusion and is a dusty light blue with a purple undertone. This one also has a decent matching shimmer to it and I feel like this is a great color for spring and summer. However, this one was hard to photograph and the shimmer does not show up on camera as much as I wanted to, but I hope you get an impression of that color.

Now on to the OPIs. The first one I found in the rack was Rising Star from last year's holiday collection Burlesque. It is a golden almost copper foil metallic polish with a very intense shine. I guess it was an discount because it already had seperated. Well, I just shook it and voilà, it was ok again! The other OPI is Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection and this one is a very light blue base with different glitter particles in it. There's tiny multicolor glitter as well as larger chunks of green, blue and pink glitter. As this one is very sheer, I might mostly use it on top of another color. And here's the picture of those two.

Finally, on to the last ones I got. This is a teaser pack consisting of four small polishes from the Burlesque collection from 2010. One is Rising Star again. Then it contains Take the Stage, which is a orange-bronze metallic with a foil finish. Again a warm color. Third we have The Show Must Go On, which is a pink with a decent golden shimmer. This is probably the color I like least because I am not into pinks. Last but not least we have a small version of Ali's Big Break, which is a beautiful jelly-red with gold flecks in it. I have seen swatches of Tease-y Does It, which is not included in this teaser pack and it looked really vampy, which I like. So hopefully I can get my hands on that one, too.

As always, I cannot wait to try these and as soon as I have, I will let you know and take some pictures! 
Until then, thanks for reading. If you have any suggestions or improvements for my blog, please feel free to leave a comment!
- Sabine


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