Thursday, July 28, 2011

NOTD: Essence I'm a marine girl

Hello my readers!

Seems like I am already a little behind with my posts because the manicure I am showing you today I actually wore last week... So either I change my polish too often or I don't blog enough, haha.

Anyway, since I really liked this color, I will now introduce you to Essence's I'm a marine girl from their limited summer edition 50's girls reloaded. The collection consists of three different blue shades, a vibrant red and a white polish. I picked the intense navy blue with a matching shimmer in it. I took some pictures in sunlight as well as natural and artificial light, but the shimmer was really hard to catch on the nails, but I hope you get an idea. On my left pinkie I stamped a hibiscus flower with China Glaze's Adore from the Romantique collection.

Essence's I'm a marine girl photographed in direct sunlight

Essence's I'm a marine girl taken in artificial light
Essence's I'm a marine girl photographed in artificial light

The texture of the polish was not the best because it was thick and it was very hard to apply a thin coat. So I applied two thicker coats to get it completely opaque. Surprisingly drying time was really quick for such a thick nail polish! Afterwards I added a coat of Essence Extreme Shine topcoat.
After two days I needed a new look without redoing my nails so I just matted the navy with China Glaze Matte Magic. This made the polish look much darker and not sparkling anymore.

Essence's I'm a marine girl with China Glaze Matte Magic Top coat
On the third day I wanted something shiny again - still lacking the time for a new mani - so I added two coats of Nail Art Special Effect Topper Hello Holo, again from Essence. This is a clear base with small round holo glitter particles. Again the holo effect was pretty hard to catch on camera and from some angles it just appears as a simple silver glitter, but when the light hits right, there is a nice holographic effect!

Hello Holo top coat in direct sunlight

Hello Holo top coat in natural light

Hello Holo top coat in dim artificial light
So if you can find Essence's I'm a marine girl, I would recommend buying it since it's a pretty shiny and shimmery navy blue which costs only 1,79€ (approx. 2,55$) for 15ml.

Again, thanks for reading a be prepared for more swatches and reviews coming this weekend!
- Sabine


  1. Matte Magic is lovely but have you tried ELF's Matte Top Coat? Its only $1 and its fab! Lovely color!

  2. First of all, hi! I'm a new follower, Jessica, from Italy! ;D
    Secondly: since Essence is never updated in my town, a friend of mine bought me this polish and I'm waiting for the package. I'm searching for a blue like this for MONTHS: I'm in love with Pupa 701 who is (I guess) almost a dupe of this, but the pupa one is so amazing that I didn't find a good substitute for it, yet. I hope this will be the right one, your pics give me trust! è_é/

  3. @StephanieLouise
    Thanks for your comment Stefanie! However, I have never seen ELF matte top coat in stores over here or online...

  4. @gnoma
    Thanks for following my blog! I do hope you got your polish by now because this is a real pretty navy blue :) Let me know what you think when you have seen in in person.


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