Monday, July 25, 2011

Psychedelic Summer Water Marbling

Hello my dear reader,

today I would like to show you another water marbling I did last weekend. Since the weather hasn't really changed much since my last post (on Sunday we had 12°C and rain all day!), I thought it was again time for summer - at least on my nails. Already a couple of weeks ago I bought different polishes that I wanted to use for that particular manicure but somehow I couldn't manage to do this marbling earlier. Actually I got inspired by this YouTube tutorial so I got myself a vibrant blue, red and yellow nailpolish and gave it a try. The blue I used is called Cool and the Gang and the red is Call It Fame and they are from Essence. Both of these polishes are cremes, so there is no shimmer or glitter in it and to me they appear to have a jelly-ish finish. The yellow I used is OPI Need Sunglasses?, which also has a creme finish. However, Need Sunglasses? is much thinner than the two Essence nail polishes, but all three of them spread very well on the water. Until now I have only used room temperature tab water, but this time I tried room temperature filtered water, since many water marbling tutorials recommend that. Indeed the polish spread even better than in tab water, though tab water also worked fine for me in the past. Maybe it depends on the quality of the tab water, if you have hard or soft water.
As a base I simply used a Calcium base coat, but I think next time I will use one coat of the yellow polish to make the colors pop even more and to get the yellow parts completely opaque, as I experienced that yellow polishes sometimes need more coats than usual. Anyway, here are the pictures of this water marbling.

My favorite fingers are my left middle and ring finger as well as my right thumb, though I like the patterns on all of them - though I wish the yellow would stand out a little bit more. So next time I will use two drops of yellow. Although the Essence polishes are from the XXXL shine collection, they do need a top coat to really get this shiny finish.

If you have any questions or want to know how this is done, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading and until next time.
- Sabine


  1. Wow that's some awesome marbeling you did!

  2. @PolishSis Awe, thank you so much :) Won't be my last, haha.


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