Sunday, July 31, 2011

Review: P2 Deep Water Love Collection

My dear readers,

today I would like to show you some swatches from the Deep Water Love Collection by P2 which is their limited edition available in DM drugstores in July and August this year. The collection consists of four different nailpolishes with matching lipglosses and eyeshadows. If you follow the bold link above, you can see the whole collection. Out of the four available nail polishes I got three, named Green Lagoon, Blue Horizon and Purple Sky. The fourth is Rosy Coral but I did not buy this one because I am not into pinks so I knew I wasn't going to wear it - and I ususally buy only the stuff I know I'd wear. Well, here are pictures of the polishes in their bottles. All of them have a nice shimmer in matching colors. The green and the blue have - at least in the bottle - a slight purple shimmer, but this did not show up on the nails in the end.

P2 Deep Water Love limited edition nailpolishes

The first polish I swatched was Green Lagoon. The description in the store already said that it was a "semi-transparent" polish so I was prepared to apply several coats. What you see on the picture below is three coats. This polish has a really sheer turquoise base! On my ring finger I added a fourth coat, which didn't really change much.

P2 Green Lagoon photographed in natural light.

 Blue Horizon basically was the same, just with a sheer light blue base.

P2 Blue Horizon photographed in natural light.

So after these two I wasn't really looking forward to Purple Sky, but this one surprised me. It was not as sheer or transparent as the others. Instead, it was completely opaque after two coats! Therefore, it wasn't as shimmery as the other two and I feel like the shimmer particles of Purple Sky are smaller than in the other polishes.

P2 Purple Sky photographed in natural light.

Texture of all three polishes was good and they went on flawlessly, though Purple Sky was a bit thicker than the other two. Drying time was good as well and 7ml were only 2,29€ (approx. 3,30$). I do like the purple, but the others were just too sheer for my liking. I will try to apply them over another base color anytime soon and see what that makes them look like.

That's it for today. Thanks for reading and have a nice Sunday!
- Sabine


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