Thursday, July 14, 2011

US Ebay Haul

Since I am living in Germany, I can't go to the local drugstore and pick up some bottles of OPI or China Glaze nail polish (sad enough!). At least you can order them in a couple of online shops, but usually the'yre pretty expensive. Then I found a lot of polishes on Ebay in the US and even with the shipping costs, they were much cheaper than when I would have bought them here. To cut a long story short: I just had to buy some of them! Actually I already received the package a week or so ago but I thought I might as well share my haul with you. So here's what I got.

Those are from left to right Covered in Diamonds, Paris White and On the Wild Side from Color Club. Below you see the same polishes with camera flash.

Covered in Diamonds is from the Untamed Luxary Collection Fall 2010 and is a glittery topcoat. The clear base is packed with tons of mylar glitter particles, so it is quite thick. Let's see how it looks over a dark color. Paris White was a rather random choice I have to admit, but I just wanted some white I could use as a base color for the neons I have. Since I have pale skin, wearing white would not suit me I guess. But I like how it makes bright colors pop.
On the Wild Side is also from a Fall collection called Wild at Heart and it is a dark steel grey metallic. I liked the color in the bottle and I only later read on some blogs that it applies quite streaky and has a very frosty finish. I still haven't tried it yet, though and I am curious to see what it looks like on my nails.

Then of course I got some China Glaze polishes from different collections.

Below you see one picture with natural light, the lower one is taken with a flash. From left to right the polishes are Meteor Shower, Ginger, Senorita Bonita, Solar Power and Matte Magic Top coat. Oh well, just realized that in the flash picture the bottles are exactly the other way around, sorry for that.

Meteor Shower is a dark blue jelly-ish polish with tons of glitter in different colors (so far I discovered green, turquoise and gold). Ginger is another glitter polish consisting of a copper base and regular as well as some holographic glitter. Senorita Bonita is from this year's summer collection called Island Escape and my collection only lacked this one. It's a purple/magenta color with gold and kinda pink sparkles in it. The yellow is Solar Power from 2008 Spring E-collection. It's a really bright and poppy yellow with some decent golden shimmer.

The two OPIs I got are Jade is the new Black and My private yet. JISNB is from last years spring/summer Hong Kong collection and I just love this green color. In the flash picture Jade is the new Black appears way too bright. You get a better impression of its actual color in the natural photo. Hope it turns out the same on my nail! My Private Jet initially came out in 2007 as a part of the Night Brights collection and since then, OPI have changed the color a little. Sadly this one is without the holo pigments the original version had, but I still like this a lot. 

Last but not least I bought one Orly polish - which is the first one of that brand I ever got. I ordered Halleys Comet from the Cosmic FX collection and I already wore it - like it a lot! It's a duo-chrome turquoise with blue, green and gold shimmery pigments in it. Though I read that it's "just" a dupe for OPI's Caught in your Net and Zoya Charla. But since I don't own one of those, I am not disappointed at all. But what I have to say is that it left some blue stainings on my nails even though I used a base coat. Next time I might use two coats of that before applying Halleys Comet!

So far I just wore Orly's Halleys Comet and China Glaze's Solar Power I used for the Lava Lamp water marble I posted earlier. Whenever I've tried the rest of my haul, I will let you know and share some pictures with you!

Thanks for stopping by,
- Sabine


  1. I love eBay for buying my polishes - they're really expensive here in Australia too. Try Enchanted Beauty Spot, I find their prices and selection is good and they combine shipping.

  2. Thank you for the name of that Ebay shop, I think I will buy some polishes there in the near future :)


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