Monday, August 08, 2011

Comparison: Iron Mermaiden vs. Where is the Party

Hello everyone,

I've planned to do this post a long time back but never found the right opportunity to take good pictures. But now I can finally show you the two drugstore nail polishes Where is the Party from Essence and Iron Mermaiden from Catrice. I first owned the Essence one and weeks later stumbled upon the one from Catrice and since they looked quite similar in the bottle, I wanted to compare them in person.

 Both polishes are duochrome, meaning the color changes depending on the angle the light hits it. The base is a greyish purple which changes from silver to a murky green. In the bottle you can also see a teal color, but this never showed up on the nails.

The Essence polish is much darker compared to Catrice, thus it takes less coats to get it opaque while Catrice's polish is more on the sheer side. What you see in the pictures are three coats. Please excuse the mucky application this time. Both polishes were a bit streaky during application and after drying, you can clearly see the brushstrokes. Iron Mermaiden is a bit more frosty than Where is the Party. For the pictures I did not add a top coat.

I third polish with the same pigment that comes to my mind is OPI Not Like The Movies from the Katy Perry collection. I don't have it in my stash to compare it on the nail, still I think it's more similar to Catrice's Iron Mermaiden, but in addition it has small silver glitter particles in it. both polishes I showed you maybe are a cheaper alternative for Not Like The Movies. Catrice costs 2,49€ (approx. 3,55$) for 10ml and Essence is 1,29€ (approx. 1,84$) for 5ml. However, all three are not perfect dupes for one another.

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Thanks for reading.
- Sabine

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  1. I love catrice polish , the formula is great ! Please follow bCk


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