Sunday, August 21, 2011

Layering: NfuOh 60 over Catrice I Wear My Sunglasses At Night


I hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Over here it is finally sunny and warm and I hope summer will stay a little longer this time. The weather forecast doesn't think so though.
I know it is not even fall yet, but somehow I already feel like wearing those darker shades. So for the first manicure on my newly shaped nails I chose Catrice's I Wear My Sunglasses At Night which is now part of their core product line. This polish has a black creme base with tons of purple glitter and also green glitter particles in it. Well, at least it looks sparkly in the bottle. When I applied it to my nails, the glitter was not very obvious anymore. In fact you had to look real close to see some hints of purple and green. Since the result didn't really please me, I added two coats of NfuOh 60. This is a very watery sheer black base stuffed with lots of holographic flakies, which I love a lot! Depending and the angle the flakies - which come in various sizes - flash gold, orange, red, green and blue. On the nails they appeared mostly orange and red while the blue and green showed up only at extreme angles. All those layers took pretty long to dry so I added one coat of Seche Vite. Unfortunately I always get some shrinkage at the tip when using this top coat - even though I wrapped my tips this time. Anyway I want to show you the result since I like this combination. If you click on the last two pictures you will see them large so the texture of the glitter/flakies can be seen better.

NfuOh 60 over IWMSAN indoors

NfuOh 60 over IWMSAN in shade

NfuOh 60 over IWMSAN in sunlight

Application of both polishes was good. I needed two coats of IWMSAN for opacity, which was neither too thin nor too thick. NfuOh 60 is very thin but easy to apply. I think next time I will choose another base color that has more obvious glitter or shimmer in it to make the mani more sparkly!

How do you like this layering? Over what polishes do you layer NfuOh 60? And what do you do to prevent shrinkage when using fast drying top coats?

Thanks for reading and enjoy the sun while it lasts!
- Sabine



  1. Hy!

    Great Color! I use to let the first colored coat dry complety before applying the second colored coat. Then the fast drying top coat!

    Try using a special basecoat that fixes nailpolish, at least in colors you know that will tend to shrink!

    Hope I helped you!


  2. YUMMY TOPCOAT GIRL! I need to get my claws on that! ps I put ya on my blogroll :) much love!


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