Thursday, August 25, 2011

NOTD: China Glaze TMI

Hello my readers!

To "celebrate" my newly shaped nails I recently wore China Glaze TMI from their Spring 2008 OMG collection, which had been devided into 2BHOT and 2BKEWL consisting of six shades each. Unfortunately this gorgeous holo collection now has been discontinued and all the polishes are hard to find or cost a fortune these days. Therefore I was surprised when Inge from PolishSis introduced me to Enchantra, a Dutch Beauty online shop. And guess what, this shop sold some of the OMG polishes for a reasonable price! So I just couldn't help but order the polishes that were still available (along with some other polishes I found there, tehe). The pictures below are not doing the polish any justice. It was so hard to capture the beauty of this polish but hopefully you get the idea. The first two pics below are indoors in daylight, the third one is with camera flash.

TMI is a coral pink. Usually I am not into pinks so much but I like this tone since it is not too bright. When I unpacked the bottle I was a little disappointed because the holo effect wasn't as obvious as I expected it to be. Also on the nails indoors or in darker light it still didn't sparkle too much. But when I went outside and the sun hit the nails, you could see the nice linear holographic effect. TMI is richly pigmented so two coats were enough to get it opaque. The tiny holo glitter particles are also pretty dense. However I have to mention that I had some problems with application. I applied one layer of a base coat and only later I read on some blogs that it was better not to use a base coat. The first coat of TMI was ok and dried real quick. When I applied the second coat I got a bit of dragging resulting in bald spots. So in the end I added a third coat to even everything out. The finish is a little dull, though it is not really matte. I put on one coat of Essence 60 seconds top coat because I preferred the shiny finish and I did not feel that this influenced the holo effect. The two pictures below are taken in direct sunlight.

The only real let down was wearing time. I knew that holo polishes are chiptastic, but I got the first chips already at the same day! I tried to cover those chips with a bit of polish. At the second day half the polish of every nail had chipped off so I had to remove it completely. For me the effect of this holo nail polish is still worth the effort!

Don't you think so? Do you like holo polishes at all?

Thanks for reading!
- Sabine

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