Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NOTD & Comparison: Essence Circus Confetti vs. Milani Gems


after I posted my little durgstore haul I was asked to show some pictures of the Essence special effect topper Circus Confetti. Since I also recently got Milani Gems from their Jewel FX collection, which has been an untried so far, I decided to wear them both and show you a comparison of the two glitter polishes. I was thinking about which base color to put those on. In the end I went for Agnès B. French Manicure Duo beige. In the following picture I wear Milani Gems on two fingers and Essence Circus Confetti on the other two. Can you guess which is which?

Milani Gems and Essence Circus Confetti in shade

To finally solve the mystery: On my index and pinkie I applied Circus Confetti while on my middle and ring finger I am wearing Gems. They look pretty similar but aren't complete dupes. Circus Confetti has large, medium and small hex glitters in blue, green, orange, pink, silver and gold. In addition it also contains golden micro glitter particles. In contrast, Milani Gems only has large and small glitter particles. Colors I have discovered so far include green, purple, silver, gold, red and turquoise. Gems also lacks the microglitter that Circus Confetti has.

Milani Gems and Essence Circus Confetti in sunlight

Both nail polishes have a clear base. When you have a look at the bottle you can already see that Milani Gems is more densly packed with glitter than is Essence Circus Confetti. So with Gems you get more glitter onto your nails with one coat. In the pictures I thus used one coat of Gems and two coats of Circus Confetti. I also have to mention that I like Milani's brush better because it is narrower and softer. The glitter just stuck better to the nail while with the stiff Essence brush I kind of dragged it towards the tip so you have to use a light touch to apply it evenly.

In the end I found it hard to say which one I like better. For me Essence Circus Confetti pips Milani Gems at the post (ok, I looked that term up in a dictionary and it sounds somewhat strange. If there's a better expression please let me know ;-) ). Simply because I like this gold microglitter and the colors of the hex glitters a bit better. 

Which one is your favorite?

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