Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NOTD: Layering NfuOh over My Milkyway over Royal Velvet


Well, initially I had planned to post this at the weekend but then my internet connection at home broke down for some unknown reason and I had to postpone this. My internet still isn't working but I hope the company can solve the problem soon. Yet I found the opportunity to go online so I can finally show you this mani I wore last weekend!

As you may have noticed I bought a whole lot of new polishes and most of them are still waiting to be worn. So I wanted to do some layering to reduce the pile of untrieds in my stash :) And I have to warn you that this is a picture heavy post because the finish looked different every time the light and angle changes. You can click all the pictures to enlarge them.

I started with two coats Orly Royal Velvet from their Precious Spring collection 2011. It is a deep navy blue/purple duochrome with a very nice shimmer! I also like this color worn solo a lot! Sorry for the messy application but I took photos of this before cleanup. I just had to show you this polish on its own.

Orly Royal Velvet

I then added one coat of Catrice My Milkyway from their recent Out of Space limited edition. The cap says "color changing topcoat". In fact it is a milky white base with iridescent blue/pink shimmer particles. Indeed it changes the base color a lot and I wouldn't use it as a topcoat since it is pretty opaque even with one thin coat. But see for yourself how it adds some more sparkles to the base polish.

My Milkyway over Royal Velvet

My Milkyway over Royal Velvet

So to finalize my layering I added two coats of NfuOh Shiny Opal No.51. This one has a sheer purple jelly base with tons of multichrome flakies of various sizes in it. Depending on the angle those flakies flash blue, green, orange or red. I just love these polishes! So now here's the final result of my layering attempt. Pretty, huh?! The last photo was taken with a flash while all the others were indoors in natural light.

NfuOh 51 over My Milkyway over Royal Velvet

NfuOh 51 over My Milkyway over Royal Velvet
NfuOh 51 over My Milkyway over Royal Velvet
NfuOh 51 over My Milkyway over Royal Velvet
NfuOh 51 over My Milkyway over Royal Velvet

That is all for today. Now I will finally build up the Helmer I bought already two weeks ago and then my stash will finally move into its new home :D
Have a great day!
- Sabine

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