Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: Mystic Haze adhesive nail foil

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during my last Transdesign haul for the new China Glaze Metro Fall collection I stumbled upon some adhesive nail foils I have seen before in some YouTube videos. I thought it was a quick substitute for a real mani and I loved the holographic effect of those foils. So I chose one called Mystic Haze, a silver with a linear holographic effect. Along with the foil I also got their foil primer.
Transdesign's website also has a manual how to use the foil but there are lots of tutorials online as well. So I put a thin coat of the foil primer on my bare nails - well, just with a layer of basecoat. I tried to apply it as thin as possible, then let dry for a good five minutes.

I found it is much better to cut the foil into pieces roughly the size of your nail BEFORE applying the adhesive, because the foil sticks easily to the base. I simply pressed the foil on my nail and then used an orange stick to push it into the edges. Afterwards you can easily peel of the supporting film and the design will stick to the nail. Unfortunately I got some bald spots where the foil did not adhere, as you can see in the pictures on my index and ring finger. These bald spots would be less obvious if you add a layer of matching polish as a base.

I also got some foil on my cuticles because I didn't clean up the adhesive before applying the foil. But you can easily remove the excess with nail polish remover
The manual recomments to add a layer of top coat to protect the foil from wearing. There are special top coats for foils available but I saw several people using regular top coats as well. So I picked Maybelline Express Finish top coat because the brush is very soft and the polish rather thin. BUT when I added the polish on my thumb the foil dulled and the whole design got messed up! I guess the top coat reacted with the adhesive. Manufacturers also recomment not to use quick dry top coats as those may lead to wrinkling of the foil. I did not encounter that problem, but none of the topcoats I have did work well with the foil as all of them dulled the foil.

All in all I really like the idea and there are very nice designs available. Maybe with some more experience the results will turn out better.

Have you tried adhesive nail foils? Did you encounter any problems or have some insider tips on how to improve foil application and wearing? Please let me know!
Thanks for reading,
- Sabine

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