Saturday, September 24, 2011

I am back - with lots of polishes in my suitcase

Hello everyone,

it's sad but I am already back from my vacation in Spain, Mallorca to be exactly. I had such a great time there. The weather was fabulous, lots of sunshine and very warm! I did a lot of sightseeing and took a bath in the sea. The hotel's buffet in the evening was the devil, though. Not because food wasn't good but rather because it was too good and I ate way too much during this week! Well, I don't want to complain since I really enjoyed my time there! One week was too short for my liking but I am glad I have another week off so I can relax a bit and keep up with all my pictures and posts I want to show you.

Now on to the polish part of this post. Of course I went hunting for some nail polishes while I was there and I thought chances were good because there are lots of perfumeries and drugstores everywhere. Still I could not pick up any Spanish nail polish brands. Of course that didn't keep me from spending too much money anyway. So let me show you what I brought home.

The first brand I stumbled upon was Chanel. I have been lemming Graphite and Péridot for quite a while but never was willing to spend so much money on a polish. When I saw them sitting in that drugstore for less $$ compared to Germany I just couldn't resist any longer and bought them. Guess I don't have to say a lot about those polishes so let the picture do the talking.

In a small perfumery in the town where we stayed I picked up two Sally Hansen polishes and three Sinful Color ones. The green one is X-treme Wear Emerald City, which is - as the name implies - an emerald green with a matching metallic shimmer to it. I am really looking forward to trying this since I don't own another green like this. The second is Instadri Night Flight. This is a jelly black polish with a dark blue undertone.

The Sinful Color polishes I got are Burgandy Apple, See You Soon and Rich in Heart and those are my very first polishes from that brand. I chose these because they seemed like perfect shades for fall. Burgandy Apple is a deep wine red with golden shimmer. See You Soon is a blackened teal blue with shimmer particles. I swatched this on a piece of paper and it reminds me of Essence's Nightline, which I showed you a while back. The Sinful Color polish also has this sheer black/dark blue base with blue shimmer. However, there is much more of that shimmer in See You Soon than in Nightline and it leans more towards a teal blue. The last of the Sinful Color polishes is Rich At Heart which is an espresso brown base with red undertones and pretty deep red shimmer.

When I went for a trip to Mallorca's capital Palma I was lucky enough to find a Kiko store. I know they have stores all across Europe but there's none nearby. They sold lots of nail polishes in all kinds of colors. The blues and purples appealed most to me and for 2,50€ per bottle I just had to take four with me. Unfortunately this is one of those brands that doesn't give its polishes names but numbers. So from left to right those are 264, 255, 278 and 300. Only on their website you can find the names of the polishes. 264 - also known as Black Violet - consists of a blackened purple base that's stuffed with purple and dark blue shimmer. On MakeUpAlley I read that this is a good dupe for Chanel's Vendetta. Need to check out some swatches of the Chanel one later! 255 is also called Violet Microglitter, which is a matching name for this one! The base is a pretty violet and contains lots of small holographic glitter particles as well as tiny silver glitter particles. Next we have 278 or Violet Orchid Microglitter. The base color of this one is similar to 255, yet it's a little lighter. It contains tons of duochrome foil glitter particles that change from purple over gold to a teal color. I already tried this one during my vacation and will publish a post soon! OK, last in line is 300 or Pearly Malachite Green. To me, this one isn't green at all but rather a teal-ish blue with a very subtle duochrome effect. If you look closely at the bottle you can even make out some sparsely distributed turquoise glitter particles.

When I found a Sephora store I was even happier - only to discover that it had nothing in common with the Sephora stores in the US... There were no pretty polish brands available, only Chanel, Lancome and such. Still I picked up some Nail Patch Art stickers in the color  A01 french dentelle. They were a bit pricey (9€ for 16 patches) but they might come in handy when I need a quick yet pretty manicure.

Well well, that's my little "on vacation nail polish haul". While I was away I recieved some more nail mail from a-england and Illamasqua as well as my first MUA swap package. Stay tuned for pictures and swatches of those!
Until then, thanks for reading and have a nice weekend!
- Sabine

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