Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Blog Design - What do you think?!

Hello everyone!

By now I have tried several of the pre-designed blogger templates and I never found one I loved and thought "This is perfect for my blog!". So after I returned from my vacation and decided to change the appearance of my blog again and went searching for some templates. I found lots that looked nice in the preview but when I applied them to my blog, I wasn't happy with them. I wish I could program one myself but I am not at all skilled at HTML, Java and all those things. So I stumbled upon this simple design you're looking at right now and was wondering, if it appeals to you - my dear reader - or if you would rather see something else. 
So with this post I am kindly asking you to leave a reply on if and how you like this layout or what should be improved in order to make it an appealing design! 

Thanks for taking your time I am looking forward to your replies.
- Sabine

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