Tuesday, September 13, 2011

P2 Pearl Crackle Top Coats - skittle swatches

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great start into this new week! I did, which is probably because I am finally on holiday for three weeks total :D Next Thursday I'll be going to Spain for one week. That also means at least one week blogging break. I thought about preparing some posts and publish them automatically while I am away. What do you think about scheduled posts, do you like it or not? 

Well, on to today's topic. I know many people are already past this crackle trend or some of you don't like it at all. However, I do wear some crackle polishes from time to time because it is an easy and fast way to spice up an old manicure for example. So when I came across the new P2 - a German drugstore brand - collection a couple of weeks ago, I saw those Pearl Crackle Top Coats and took all three of them home. Let me first show you some bottle shots. I left the pictures x-large so you can nicely see the glitter!

First we have 010 violet fusion. This is a sheer almost jelly-like purple base color with irregularly shaped golden foil glitter particles of various sizes. Depending on lighting the glitter flashes copperish. Sorry for the fingerprints on the bottle... damn cuticle oil ;)

Violet Fusion

The second shade is 020 blue thunder, again a jelly base this time in a pretty sky blue. This polish contains silver and blue glitter particles. To me, this is the least sparkly top coat of the three.

Blue Thunder

Third we have 030 red volcano. This one is a nice burgundy red base with the same gold foilesque glitter partciles as in violet fusion. I liked this one best when I first saw it in the bottle.

Red Volcano

I swatched one thick coat of each crackling top coat over black and white. As all crackle polishes I have used so far these P2 Pearl Crackles also dry with a matte finish. Unfortunately this takes away most of the sparkly effect we can see in the bottle. So a shiny top coat is a must to revive the sparkly finish of the crackles. However, I took the pictures without any top coat to show you an authentic swatch.

Top to Bottom: Violet Fusion, Blue Thunder, Red Volcano

Top to Bottom: Red Volcano, Violet Fusion, Blue Thunder

Since the bases of all three are semi-transparent a black base "swallows" a lot of the base color which is most obvious for violet fusion. Over a black base you can only see the golden glitter. Blue thunder works well over black and red volcano turns to a darker red. Applied over a white base the swatches are more color accurate and the Pearl Crackle Top Coats stand out more.

As a final conclusion I have to say I liked the colors in the bottle more than on my nails. Maybe I should have tried a glossy top coat as a finish to see what they look like then. I would wear them maybe not as a full manicure but use them for some nail art or accent nails.

What's your opinion about crackling polishes? Have you joined the crakle movement or are you already over it?

Have a nice day and thanks for reading,
- Sabine


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