Friday, September 30, 2011

Picture Heavy Post: Kiko 278 - also known as Violet Orchid Microglitter

Good afternoon everyone!

Yay, it is Friday! Are you already excited for the weekend to come up? Do you have any plans? I am a little sad since today is the last day of my vacation. Gladly next Monday is a national holiday over here so I have to go back to work on Tuesday. But let's not think about work now! The weather has been very sunny and warm lately so we're going to have another BBQ with friends this weekend - will be fun I guess :)

Now on to the polished part of today's post. If you have read my post about my Spain vacation haul, I promised to write about Kiko No. 278 which I bought and wore back then. So here it is, also known as Violet Orchid Microglitter. You can click all the pictures to enlarge them even more.

This one is a purple nail polish base with lots of foil glitter particles in various sizes. These glitter particles almost have a multichrome effect. I say almost because there are more than two colors, so I wouldn't consider it a duochrome, but IMHO there are not enough color changes to call it a multichrome. Anyway, the colors I see depending on the angle of lighting are purple, golden and teal-ish. The multichromatic effect can be seen best outside in shade.

In the Sun Kiko 278 appears much sparklier than in shade. Therefore, the color changing of the glitter is not so obvious anymore. Instead it sparkles in a nice violet color

Texture of this polish was gorgeous, I just love it! It is a bit on the thicker side because of all the glitter in there, but it was easy to control and leveled out well. The brush was perfect, not too small or too big and application was easy - I almost had to do no clean up afterwards. Violet Orchid Microglitter is richly pigmented so I could have gotten away with two coats but since I am a creature of habit I did three coats. Drying time was also good. As a base coat I used P2 Calcium Gel and as top coat I applied Essence 60 seconds top coat.

Kiko is an Italian make up brand with stores mainly across Italy and Spain. There are also some stores in the UK, France and Germany. Kiko nail polishes retail for 2,50€ per 11ml/0.37 oz. bottle. Some creme shades retail for 1,50€ and you can also order online. I don't know if they ship internatioanlly, though, since their homepage is only written in Spanish and Italian.

Along with 278 I got three more Kiko polishes and I can't wait to try them. Hopefully the texture of those will be as good as this one!

Have you tried any Kiko polishes? If so, what would be your favorite? I'd happily take some recommendations :)
Have a nice day,
- Sabine

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