Sunday, September 11, 2011

Swatched: Essence Urban Messages - Skyscraper & Nightline

Happy Sunday,

and welcome to the second part of my new Essence nail polish swatches! As I already mentioned in one of my recent posts, I got some newly released polishes from their Color & Go product line - which you can see here. Along with them I discovered their newly released limited edition called Urban Messages and from that collection I bought Skyscraper and Nightline which I'd like to show you today.

First we have Skyscraper, a light grey creme base color that somehow reminds me of cement. The base color contains glitter particles that flash blue and green. The glitter is not very dense but quite noticable. Still I had some problems catching it right on camera. Texture of this polish was ok, a bit more on the thin side but easy to apply. The first two coats were a bit streaky so I needed a third coat to even everything out and to obtain full opacity. The brush this time didn't appeal to me. Compared to bottle size it is rather small and thin and round. I very much prefer the thick and flat brushes from Essence's Color & Go bottles. My skin is rather pale and this color did not help it either so I have to admit this color is not for me. I guess on some darker skin it will stand out more!

The second shade I took home was Nightline, probably the complete opposite of the polish I just showed you! In the bottle Nightline appears to be a very dark blue base with marine blue shimmer to it. When I applied the first coat, surprise surprise, it turned out to be a sheer jelly-ish black base that's stuffed with lots of blue shimmer particles. Texture of this shade was similar to Skyscraper - thin but still it went on easily. 

For both polishes I did not use a base coat or a top coat and all pictures were taken in direct sunlight.

As a bottom line I have to say that both shades are pretty unique to me, I don't have any similar polishes in my stash. Still I prefer Nightline over Skyscraper, because it stands out more while Skyscraper seems to enhance the paleness of my skin.

What's your favourite? 
Thanks for reading,
- Sabine


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