Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Swatched: New Essence polishes Can't Cheat On Me and Hard to Resist

Happy Monday,

I hope everyone had a great weekend! As you might know, in the beginning of this month Essence is coming up with some new polishes in the Color & Go product line. I am especially looking forward to the glitters! When I went to the drugstore last weekend I could not find any of those but two other shades which I just had to take home. One is Can't Cheat On Me, a nice silver stuffed with tiny holo particles and the other is Hard To Resist, a navy blue with matching glitter in it. Since the sun was shining bright last Saturday I immediately had to try them on :) 

First I swatched Can't Cheat On Me. Actually this is not a too new shade since I discovered it's been around for a while on several other blogs. I am still wondering why I haven't discovered it earlier... Anyway. In the bottle it looks densly packed with those silver holo particles. However when I applied the first thin coat I discovered that it is a very sheer grey jelly base with not so densly packed particles. So in the end I ended up using four coats of Can't Cheat On Me and you still could see some VNL. Therefore, this polish has a nice discrete scattered holographic look. Not as holographic as China Glaze's OMG polishes or NfuOh holos, but still. For 1,25€ per 5ml I am not complaining! Also texture was good, kinda thin but not runny and really quickly drying! The only letdown, as already mentioned, was pigmentation.

Secondly I tried Hard To Resist, a dark navy blue base with small blue glittery particles in it. I wouldn't call it a duochrome but depending on lighting the glitter changes from blue to turquoise. Compared to Can't Cheat On Me, Hard To Resist is richly pigmented so I got away with two coats for full opacity. However I felt this one wasn't as quickly drying as the previous polish. The base color very much reminds me of I'm A Marine Girl from Essence's recent 50's Girls Reloaded LE, but this navy blue lacks the glitter in it.

Application of both nail polishes was good. Can't Cheat On Me was sheer and thin while Hard To Resist was a bit on the thicker side but it was easy to control. As always, I like the large and flat brush of the Color & Go polishes which spares me a lot of clean up :) For both polishes I didn't use either base nor topcoat. Photos are taken outside in sunlight.

That's it for now. Be prepared for some more swatches of new Essence polishes which will be up here soon! Thanks for reading,
- Sabine

PS: This time I left the pics gigantic. Do you like it this way or would you prefer the old version with smaller clickable pics? Please tell me. Thanks.

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