Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Essence Color & Go Fall shades - Swatches And Review Part I

Heya everyone!

Today I can finally show you the swatches of some of the new Essence Color & Go nail polishes for Fall this year. They came out a while ago, I think in the beginning of September if I remember right. I first saw some stock photos of the bottles on their homepage and they looked promising so I couldn't help but get a lot of those. I picked up ten of the new shades. As I am not into pink and brown polish so much, I left those in the store. You can see the full range of colors on Essence's webpage.

Today I am going to show you the more earthy kind of colors while the blues, black and glitters will be presented in a second post that's coming up soon! I already reviewed Hard to Resist here and Time for Romance here. So today we have (from left to right) Princess Prunella, Be optimistic, High Spirits, Rich & Pretty and Frozen Queen. All these shades have a shimmery finish, which was another reason for getting them as I already have many creme finish polishes for Fall.

Continue reading for swatches of the single polishes!

First we have Princess Prunella, which is supposed to be a brown-ish eggplant shimmery duochrome. On the nails is appears mostly purple and if there is a duochrome effect, it's very subtle. The first coat went on a bit streaky and I used a thicker second coat to level everything out. You can see some brush strokes, especially when looked at in sunlight (second photo). Yet, I love how it sparkles and I also like the color a lot! 

Up next is Be Optimistic, a foilesque coppery orange. I love it! Not only because I don't have a color like this in my stash but also because of its formulation. I needed only one (!) coat for full coverage and it went on like butter!

High Spirits is an olive green with silver shimmer. Application of this was a bit tricky as it was a bit thick and the brush was very stiff and some of the bristles were crooked. Therefore it was hard to get a thin and even coat. But maybe that was just my bottle of High Spirits!? This is two coats.

Next in line is Rich & Pretty, which is the complete opposite of the polish you have just seen. It is thin and poorly pigmented. So I needed three coats for good coverage. At certain angles one could still see some VNL, though. On my pinkie I added a fourth coat and I would also recommend that when doing a full manicure with this nail polish - unless you like to apply thicker coats, then you could probably get away with three. The base color is a sheer greige with lots of tiny metallic shimmer particles in it. This one has a sparkly kind of foil finish.

Last but not least there is Frozen Queen. This is a veeery light grey with a subtle pearly blue shimmer to it. I used three coats here. I like the color but its finish is just too frosty for my liking. Ok, maybe I could have known that it's a frost since it's called Frozen Queen ;)

All swatches were performed without base and topcoat and photos were taken indoors in natural daylight or in direct sunlight. 

Essence Color & Go nail polishes are available in most drugstores across Germany and retail for 1,25€ per 5ml bottle. In the US Essence is sold by Ulta and retails for $0.99 per bottle. The shades are now all part of Essence's standard range.

How do you feel about these polishes? Have you tried any on your own? My favorites would be Princess Prunella and Be optimistic as they're quite unique and their formulation is good. Stay tuned for more swatches of Essence Color & Go Fall polishes.

- Sabine

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