Friday, October 14, 2011

Illamasqua Eclipse & Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black

Good evening and happy Friday!

Another week is done. Time is really passing way too quickly these days, I have so much work my day could have 48 hours. Not that I'd like to work that much, I also enjoy the weekends as those mean time for posting and other fun stuff :)

Today I wished my new iPhone would be in the mail as it got shipped yesterday. Wasn't the case so I am expecting it tomorrow. Thanks again to my former co-worker who turned me into an Apple fangirl *waves*

The manicure I have for you today was another layering experiment. A while back I ordered some of the Chunky Holos by Kleancolor (see my BeautyJoint haul here). All these polishes have a sheer base and I would not wear them solo. When I placed my order at Illamasqua for their Theatre Of The Nameless polishes I also put Eclipse in the basked. I decided this one would go well with Chunky Holo Black.

Eclipse is a deep navy blue leaning towards purple with a nice metallic silver shimmer to it. It was a bit brush strokey but since I wanted to layer another polish on top I didn't mind. Therefore I loved its texture, a bit on the thick side but richly pigmented so I needed only two coats. I applied two coats of Chunky Holo Black on top of that. This one has a very sheer black base with multichrome hex glitter particles ranging from tiny to giant. I simply love this strong multichrome effect that makes the glitter appear green, blue, purple, red, orange and yellow-ish! On the other hand Kleancolor polishes are really smelly and this one is very thick and not that easy to apply. You could not see a lot of Eclipse's shimmer in the end but still I liked the result. See for yourself.

Basecoat I used for this manicure was Orly Bonder and I finished it up with a thick coat of Seche Vite to get a smooth surface. All the pictures were taken outdoors in natural light.

Seems like I discovered my passion for layering as you can create interesting new looks with it :) Now I need to try the other Chunky holos and find suitable base colors. Be sure to see some more layering experiments here soon.

What's your opinion about layering manicures? And have you tried the so called candy manis? This is on my "yet to try" list, too. I just don't seem to own appropriate jelly polishes. Can anyone recommend some that work well with candy manicures?

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by!
- Sabine

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