Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love me some duochrome - Nubar Stardust

Good evening!

How are you all doing today? I am feeling a bit dizzy today and feel like a cold is sneaking up on me. A few of my co-workers have been sick lately so if I catch a cold I know who to blame :) 

Have you read my last post about my eBay hunt for OPI's Mad As A Hatter? By now I am also a proud owner of Absolutely Alice, the other glitter from the Alice In Wonderland collection. Again I got it in a private auction on eBay for 8,80€, which is around $12. Seems like no one was bidding against me or people didn't know how hard to find this polish is. The seller published several pictures and they looked genuine to me. OK, it can be hard to tell from pictures but I still hope it will be the real deal when I get it.

Today I have a duochrome nail polish for you. It is Nubar Stardust and was one of my first Nubar polishes I got. I love this brand for its duochrome finishes! But go and see for yourself.

Nubar Stardust already shows its duochrome properties in the bottle but on the nails the effect is even stronger! It changes from a yellow-ish tone over gold to a strong pink.


Stardust has a shimmery finish and you can see some brushstrokes when you look closely but it is not too bad. For this manicure I used Orly Bonder as a basecoat and then three coats of Stardust. In the end I applied CND Speedey topcoat. The dent from the veggie peeler in my pinkie nail is slowly growing out and by now it finally is above the visible nail line. So I'm confident you don't have to see it in future manis :)

I also added a picture to the header of my blog. How do you like it? I have to say I did not take the photo myself but it's a free blog header from Makeupsavvy.co.uk. Thanks for that again!

Have you used Nubar polishes before? If so, do you know any that are a 'must-try'? I am always looking for inspiration. 

Thanks for reading and until next time (hopefully ;) ).
- Sabine

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