Friday, October 07, 2011

NfuOh64 - I'm in holo heaven!

Thank God it's Friday and hello everyone!

Working part of this week is done, weekend is finally here. So I made it through the first week of work after my vacation and I've finally adjusted to every day routine again...

Secondly I have to say RIP to Steve Jobs. Remeber how I mentioned I am an Apple fan girl and looking forward to a new phone... and only 2 days after announcing the iPhone 4S he passed away. It's kinda sad to see so many brilliant people leave way too early. Of course I didn't know Steve Jobs but I appreciate what he did and without him technology wouldn't be what it is now. OK, I'm being pathetic again.

On to more happy things in life! Today I have for you one of my favourite holographic nail polishes - NfuOh 64. This beauty is a pale violet base color stuffed with lots of tiny holo particles. This one has a strong linear holographic effect even indoors and under artificial light. A bottle shot was not doing this polish any justice since there's no holo effect at all so I omited it today. OK, to be honest I just forgot to prepare a bottle shot this time. I wanted to make all my posts identical with a bottle shot before the "Read more" button and the manicure pics after it as I've done with the last three or four posts. Next post will have a bottle shot again :)

As a base coat I used NfuOh's Aqua Base which they recommend to use with holographic nail polishes. This was the first time I've actually used it. It's milky and takes longer time to dry than my other base coats. I applied two coats of NfuOh 64 but I could have gotten away with only one medium coat - that's how strongly pigmented it is! What I like about holos is their rapid drying time. I never encountered problems when I used a topcoat with holo polishes but for this one I have to say: Stay away from top coat! After the polish was dry I added a layer of CND Speedey to my thumb nail and it completely dulled the polish! I don't know about other top coats but for this manicure I simply omited it. Still the manicure lasted three days without any chipping - thanks to the Aqua Base?! I will try this base coat with my China Glaze OMG polishes since those usually chipped after one day. I took those pictures on the second day of wear and you could see some tipwear, though.

I got my NfuOh polish from the online shop of the German Retailer which you find here. 17ml retail for 9,95€. In the US you can buy NfuOhs from where they retail for $12,50.

What's your experience with holographic nail polishes, yay or nay?! Do you have a top coat that works well with them?

That's today's post. Have a great weekend everyone!
- Sabine

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