Sunday, October 16, 2011

NOTD: Orly Roccoco A-Go-Go - The purple red gold glass flecked chameleon

Hello there,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far! I do - well, at least kind of. Yesterday we went over to friends to order some pizza and watch a DVD. Today I am feeling dizzy and my stomach feels weird - maybe I shouldn't have eaten that pizza with broccoli, doner and Hollandaise sauce (sounds strange, I know, but tastes good ;) ). 

So I am spending this Sunday on the couch showing you my current manicure which is Orly's Roccoco A-Go-Go from the Mineral FX Fall collection 2011. This one is a nice deep purple with a red and golden duochrome effect that's already pretty obvious in the bottle. Here is a bottle shot taken in bright sunlight.

Before you hit the 'Read more' button I have to warn you that this is a picture heavy post as this polish kept changing its color at different angles and lightings :) Enjoy!

Photographed in shade, Roccoco A-Go-Go appears more golden and rather wine red instead of deep purple.

For the manicure I used OPI Natural nail basecoat and two coats of Roccoco A-Go-Go. Yes, two were enough for full coverage as this one is strongly pigmented. I finished everything up with one coat of INM Out The Door topcoat. I found this one working better for me than Seche Vite as it dried equally fast, only without the shrinkage at the tips. However, I feel Out The Door is not as glossy after drying as Seche Vite.

What I like about this polish are the different colors it shows depending on lighting. The picture below was taken in direct sunlight. It flashes in a nice purple and red tone.

When taken into the shade, Roccoco A-Go-Go is not as sparkly as in sunlight but you can nicely see the flecks in the base color.

When looked at in back light this flecked polish appears more wine red with flashes of gold.

I am in love with this color! I got four out of the six shades from the Mineral FX collection via a CP from a MakeUpAlley member. These polishes are a bit pricey - I paid $9 per 18ml bottle at Sally's but they are absolutely worth the money! So if you come across one of those, I recommend picking it up, I'm sure you'll love it even more in person ;)

I hope the picture spam wasn't too much this time and you got an impression of this nail polish!
Now I will try to relax a bit and get rid of this stomach ache.

- Sabine

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