Sunday, October 09, 2011

OPI Mad As A Hatter - Fake or not?!


I hope you're all having a great weekend so far! I myself am enjoying the rest of this Sunday on the couch with a hot cup of tea while it's cold, rainy and stormy outside...

Today I have a different kind of post for you. It's not a manicure but I need your help with something. Recently I bought a bottle of OPI's hard to find polish Mad As A Hatter from their Alice in Wonderland collection. I got it in a private auction for little money - only 5€ or $6,70. Seems like no one but me was interested in it or they didn't know how much this polish is worth. When I finally held it in my hands I wasn't sure if this is the original polish or a fake one. I heard that for MAAH and Absolutely Alice, the other HTF glitter polish from this collection, there are some very decent fakes around. I read some posts from several blogs and also but still I am not sure about my bottle of MAAH since I don't have an original version I could compare it to. So here are some pictures and I would really appreciate your opinion! 

Here are two bottle shots from the front and back. It has all four labels on the back and also the font and everything looks ok to me. You can't see it but there is at least a part of the serial number engraved on the upper part of the bottle.

This bottle of Mad As A Hatter has two of those metal balls and also the brush has OPI engraved on one side. There's also a serial number printed on the lower side of the bottle.

I am kinda worried because of the color of the glitter. I read in a blog post that the original has pink and teal glitter and she compared it to a fake that had read and green glitter... This one however has red, green and teal-ish glitter *confused* Below a shot of the cap which has this dot in the 'P' as most (or all?) real OPI nail polishes have.

I haven't worn it yet so I can't show you how it looks like on the nails. Yet, I hope those pictures are sufficient to tell if this one might be a fake or not. If it was a fake it is a good one I think. Still I hope it's "the real thing" :D

Thanks so much for your help and have a great Sunday evening!
- Sabine


  1. Would like to purchase this if anyone knows where I can get an authentic OPI mad as a hatter. Thanks!

  2. MAAH is considered a very hard to find nail polish, so it might require some hunting to find it. Maybe you can find it on ebay, but telling if it is fake or not can be tricky. Maybe one of my readers has an idea?


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