Monday, October 03, 2011

Summer Farewell - China Glaze 108 Degrees

Happy Monday everybody!

There it is, October which means Summer is over and Fall is knocking on the door. This weekend I removed all the withered Summer flowers from our balcony and carried the barbecue down to the basement.
But Fall also means dark vampy nail polish shades, yay :) I got so many Fall/Winter collections I need to try so it's about time to say goodbye to all the bright Summer shades. I still have one more manicure I would like to share with you, though. I wore this while I was on vacation in Spain two weeks ago and until then this polish had been an untried. I am talking about China Glaze's 108 Degrees from the Island Escape collection, my favorite Summer collection so far. Here is a bottle shot of this beautiful bright pink.

I am sorry for this ugly dirty bottle. When my suitcase arrived in Spain and I opened it, everything smelled like nail polish and I was like uhoh.... The topcoat I took with me had leaked out of the bottle. Glady I wrapped everything in a plastic bag but most of the polish stuck to my bottle of 108 Degrees. Need to clean it sometime...

108 Degrees is a really pretty pink glass fleck polish, a finish that China Glaze is famous for. In the bottle and also on the nails this one has some violet shimmer. Usually I am not into pinks so much and although this one is an eye-catching color I just loved it on my nails! Here are two pictures, the first one outdoors in shade and the other one in bright sunlight. When the sun hits this nail polish the glass flecks flash pink and purple.

You can still see the dent in my pinky finger where I cut myself with the veggie peeler...
As with most China Glaze polishes I have used so far this one went on flawlessly! However - as with the other shimmer/fleck polishes from the Island Escape collection - this one was a bit sheer. What you see in the pictures is three coats of 108 Degrees and it looks pretty opaque. At certain angles or lightings one could still see some VNL, though. As a base coat I used P2 Calcium Gel and top coat is Essence 60 seconds top coat. I got my bottle online from and they retail for $3-4 for 14ml/0.5 oz. China Glaze polishes are available at a variety of etailers as well as Sally's and Ulta in the US.

That was my last Summer manicure.
Are you embracing Fall already and looking forward to wearing those darker colors? Or don't you care about seasons and wear bright colors during Fall/Winter?

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a good start into this brand new week!
- Sabine

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