Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall Favorites Series Part 10: OPI - DS Extravagance

Hello everyone!

Well, November is coming to an end and so is my Fall Favorites Series. So far I showed you nine of my favorite nail polish shades for this Fall and today I have for you number 10. It is Extravagance from OPI's Designer Series. This was my very first OPI DS buy as these polishes are a bit more expensive than normal OPI shades. The tiny amount of money you pay more for this polish totally pays off if you see the result on your nails :)

As you can see my bottle lacks the first sticker with the name and barcode on the bottom and the serial number has been removed as well. That does not mean it's fake, I simply purchased it from an e-tailer that is not authorized by OPI to sell their polishes (as are most online shops I feel). Just in case you were wondering.

For this manicure I used OPI Natural Nail base coat and then I applied two thin coats of DS Extravagance on top. Application was easy and it went on evenly. I like OPI's Pro Wide brush, the only problem I face is that it's almost too wide for my pinkie nails. For the manicure I did not apply any top coat because this one dried quickly and absolutely shiny! The first picture above was taken outside in shade.When taken into the sunlight this polish shows its real beauty!

DS Extravagance is a nice dark berry tone with tiny silver flecks and tons of holographic microglitter that sparkle like crazy. Besides that there is something like a linear holographic effect in a pretty red color. OK, that sounds weird, doesn't it!? It is so hard to find the right words to describe this polish, you just have to see it in person.

And here it is even closer. Can you see the scattered holographic microglitter and the linear red holo effect I was talking about? Stunning! Can't wait to try other DS Series polishes and see if they're as pretty.

Well, that was my Fall Favorites Series, I hope you enjoyed it! Would you like to see some more of those themed series on here? There are lots of ideas in my head but I guess those will have to wait until the beginning of next year. With Christmas just around the corner I decided to take part in the 24 days of Christmas Challenge Paint That Nail announced here. So hopefully I can manage to paint my nails and blog every day so I can show you another Christmas manicure for the next 24 days :) Let's see how that works out.

- Sabine

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I just bought Extravagance, and I also think it's absolutely gorgeous! :)


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