Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Favorites Series Part 2: Orly - Space Cadet

Happy Sunday everyone!

Again I am bummed that the weekend is almost over again. Time passes much to quick these days for my liking.

In my last post I showed you one of my favorite Fall nail polishes China Glaze Midtown Magic and afterwards I decided to make this a little series here on my blog. So for the rest of this month I will show you the Fall shades I like most at the moment. This does not only include recent polishes but also some that came out a while ago.

The polish I show you today is one of those that came out in Fall 2010. It is Orly's Space Cadet from their Cosmic FX collection. This one is a stunning multichrome glittery foil nail polish. In the bottle it appears mostly purple and green-ish golden.

In fact the base of Space Cadet appears to be a sheer dusty teal that is densly packed with those multichrome particles. On the nails it changes color depending on how you move your hand. One time it's purple, then it's pink, another it's green. I just had to add so many pictures to this post because again this is one of those shades that behaves like a chameleon on your fingers!

Actually I've worn Space Cadet a while back and I didn't have my lightbox then, so those pictures were taken outside in daylight. 
As I mentioned, the base is a bit sheer and the nail polish itself was a bit on the thin side so I used four coats here. As a base I used Orly Bonder, top coat is CND Speedey. On the first picture you can see that it's a bit thin at the tips so you better wrap them carefully when using Space Cadet.

Do you have a weakness for multichrome polishes just as me? Or what would be your favorite finish?

That is it for today. Have a great Sunday.
- Sabine

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