Sunday, November 06, 2011

My October hauls aka Too much polish for one post

Good evening,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Too bad it's already Sunday evening so Monday is coming up fast.

As I told you here I bought myself a lightbox to finally be able to swatch during winter time as it gets dark before I'm back from work and also it's so gloomy during daytime. Of course I had to try it immediately and so I took pictures of all the polishes I bought last month. And it's been a lot so be prepared for some picture spam :) 

Let's start off with the rather boring stuff - that would be some treatments. I got OPI's natural nail base coat, CND Ridge Out and Poshé Fast Dry topcoat. Both OPI and CND base coats have a rubberized finish which I like a lot! I want to try Poshé top coat as an alternative to Seche Vite as this one gives me extensive shrinkage :(

I took advantage of the OPI Envy Express set, which was Buy 1 Nail Envy Original - get one Rapid Dry Top coat free. Right to this set is CND's The Look Fall/Winter 2011. This consits of the two creme shades Midnight Sapphire & Dark Amethyst as well as Sheer 24K Sparkle, "a gilded leafing Effect". Can't wait to try this effect polish on top of this pretty dark blue and eggplant color!

Of course I needed some polishes from China Glaze's Holiday Collection Let It Snow so I got three of them. This is Blue Years Eve, Glittering Garland and Ring In the Red. Those are the three polishes I loved the most from this collection.

Next up are three Orly polishes also from their recent Fall and Holiday Collections. Please welcome Fowl Play and Sweet Peacock from the Birds Of A Feather collection. The third one is Androgynie from the Holiday Soirée collection. As you can see, most of the glitter has settled to the bottom of the bottle and shaking did not really help. So I will put it upside down for a while before applying the polish.

I was lucky to find some OPI polishes at two different online stores and I couldn't believe my eyes when I found Mad As A Hatter and Absolutely Alice on discount in one of them! I already own those two but I think a backup doesn't hurt :)

At the same store I got two of OPI's suede shades - Russian Navy Suede and Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees Suede. Those look very different from the original so I am looking forward to seeing them on the nails!

I have a weakness for blue nail polishes so I just had to put Austin-tatious Turquoise, Swimsuit... Nailed It!, Yoga-to Get This Blue and OPI Ink into the basket.

Then I stumbled upon the OPI Designer Series. I don't like the two newly released shades so much but instead I chose DS Extravagance and DS Illuminate. Do you see that green duochrome effect in the bottle? So pretty!

This has only been half of the polishes I got last month o_O I know I know, my wallet really was moaning... Why are there sooo many nail polishes around I feel I need?! Yet I love to spend my money on it. 
I decided to split this haul into two posts. Coming up next will be some more eye candy such as... oh well, don't want to spoil you :) But stay tuned for some more picture spam!

Oh and I really liked how these pictures came out with the lightbox! I just have to set the proper white balance on my camera and the colors come out pretty accurate, don't you think? Or do you prepare non-lightbox photos taken in sunlight? Let me know!

Have a nice evening,
- Sabine

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