Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My October hauls - Part II

Good evening everyone,

hope you are having a great week so far! I am busy with work because I have to prepare two talks for work next week and I'm already a bit nervous... 
Still I wanted to show you the second part of my almost epic October nail polish haul. I think I have never spend so much money on nail polish in one month before. But I am simply in love with all those great Fall/Holiday collections this year (and a couple of other polishes ;-) ) so what can I do?! You can read the first part of the haul here. Again all those pictures were taken in my new lightbox, hope you like them!

Let's start this one in alphabetical order. Here we have three a-England polishes: Lady Of The Lake, Tristam and Perceval. The fourth one is The Shield, a clear top coat. I've seen so many swatches of those polishes and when Adina from a-England offered free worldwide shipping, I simply had to order them. These are still untrieds, though - shame on me! Need to wear them anytime soon.

Next in line would be my new Butter London's. This is the dark shimmery British Racing Green and the golden olive green metallic Wallis. Those are the first polishes from this company I got so I am curious what application and wearing time will be like.

Sexy Divide by Essie is from their recent Dive Bar collection. Actually this shade has been released back in their 2008 Winter collection and now is a part of this year's Winter collection along with other great metallic shades. This one is an intense purple with a blue-ish shimmer. It's not too dark nor too bright - I just love it! I might get some more polishes from the Dive Bar collection soon :-)

The next brand is also completely new in my stash. It is the Australian brand Glitter Gal. I've been lemming their holographic polish Lizard Belly for quite a while and when I saw it in llarowe's ebay shop I ordered it along with the Green 3D holo nail polish. They're pricey - 9ml cost $16 (incl. shipping) but already in the bottle they look worth the money. 

I also got one lonely bottle of nails inc. special effects. This one is called Glastonbury and has tons of gold, purple and green glitter dispersed in a clear base. I've already worn this but wasn't too happy with it. I will publish some swatches of this later.

What is a haul without some Nubars? Right, that's why I had to get six of them at a time. Those shades aren't brand new but I liked them a lot on the pictures I saw. The top row from left to right is Gem, Absolute and Reclaim. Bottom row are Knight's Armour, Prevail and Purple Beach. The last two look quite similar in the bottle but Purple Beach has some golden olive green duochrome effect and Prevail has a matte finish.

Last but not least I bought one NYX Girls nail polish which is called No. 162 Frizzy Spots. This one has a sheer black jelly base with large hex holo glitter and small holo glitter in it. I hope this one will be good for layering!

That's it, my October nail polish haul. After putting together these posts I decided to put myself on a no-buy for the rest of November. I need to take my car to the Technical Inspection Agency - called TÜV over here but this was the best translation I found - which will cost some money. And this needs to be done, otherwise I can't drive it anymore. So this time I really really have to stop myself from ordering polish!!

I hope you enjoyed my haul and the photos! What it your must-have polish for the Fall/Holiday season? And please tell me you're going on nail polish shopping sprees just as me so I won't feel that bad about it anymore ;-)

Have a great day,
- Sabine

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