Saturday, December 10, 2011

24 Days of Christmas Challenge - Day 10: Poinsettias

Hello everyone!

Are you enjoying your weekend? I am and this time I finally found the time to do a water marble design for you! Today's theme is poinsettias and for this one I was inspired by a tutorial from MySimpleLittlePleasures again. Instead of the typical green and red, which I've used quite a lot for previous Christmas designs, I chose a light and a dark purple for my water marble design.

Since the sun was shining brightly today I went outside to take my pictures instead of using my lightbox.
The shimmery lavender purple is P2 Color Victim 017 Elegant and the dark shimmery purple is L'Oreal Resist & Shine Titanium 733 and both worked well for water marbling. For my pinkie and middle finger I drew the design a bit too large so I only ended up with parts of the poinsettia leaves on my nails. My ringfinger is actually my favorite nail where you can see three smaller leaves.

You can also see the nicely red toned shimmer in L'Oreal 733 while P2 Elegant has a more subtle fuchsia shimmer to it. And here is another photo of what the design looks like in shade.

I enjoyed creating this design. Too bad I have to remove it soon to make space for tomorrow's Christmas nail art which will be Wreathes.

I hope you're coming back for this one! Have a great day,
- Sabine

PS: Please go and see Bridget's and Shannara's Poinsettia designs, too, as those ladies are going through this challenge with me :)


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