Thursday, December 01, 2011

24 Days Of Christmas Challenge - Announcement

Hello everyone

and welcome December! Christmas Season is finally here! This time I wanted to do something special. On the blog Paint That Nail I found the 24 Days Of Christmas Nail Art Challenge and I thought it would be fun to participate in it! So for the next 24 days I will have a different Winter/Christmas nail design for you every day. At least I hope so because in between work and all those preparations for Christmas I'm not sure if I can paint my nails and blog everyday. But I'll try and see how it works out. Another thing: I have to warn you that I am not terribly skilled when it comes to arts and crafts but since this is not supposed to be a competition I'll consider this a practice for my nail art skills ;) And it'll be a lot of fun I think! So here is a list of the upcoming designs. 

Shannara from Nails and Stuff and Bridget from Polish Oh My are joining me in this challenge so be sure to check out their blogs as well! And if you would like to join us, too let me know :)

- Sabine

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