Monday, December 05, 2011

24 Days of Christmas - Day 5: Snowman Face

Happy Monday everyone!

First of all I want to welcome all my new readers here. I am glad you found your way here and are interested in what I am blogging about. When I first heard of this Christmas Challenge I wasn't sure if I should take part in it because I think that I am not terribly skilled when it comes to (freehand) nail art. But I thought I'd give it a try just for fun - and I would have never thought to get so many positive responses! Thank you all so much, I'm overwhelmed by the good vibes coming in :) Sometimes I guess I am just too much of a perfectionist to like what I create, haha. So I am more than happy that so many are enjoying my Christmas nail art!

Today I have for you a snoman's face design which looks like this.

I kept this quite simple. First I applied a coat of Color Club Hot Couture as a background. Too bad I painted the faces so large that you can hardly see the glitter in the background. Then I drew white circles as heads and added black eyes and mouth. I painted a red French tip to create a scarf and I added a hat. My pinkie nail was too small or let's say I couldn't draw a snowman's face that small so I simply made a French tip, added a bit of color and made some snowy dots. Ta-daaa!

Tomorrow's theme is Penguins so be sure to come back for those :)
Enjoy your day, until next time!
- Sabine

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