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NOTD & Review: Essence - Don't Feed The Tiger

G'day my dear reader!

How are you doing? Are you already done with work for this year? I am and I even finished all the preparations for New Year's Eve. We're going to spend it with friends having "Raclette" which is a very popular dinner on that day over here. What is your typical New Year's Eve dinner?

Today I have for you a Nail Of The Day and a review on a polish from Essence's recent limited edition called Circus Circus. This LE contains four different nail polish shades and what's special about them is that they're all "double sided" polishes consisting of a base color and a glittery polish. Those can be worn layered or individually. I skipped the bright pink and the red version and only picked up the black with gold glitter which is called 01 My Sparkling Acrobat and 02 Don't Feed The Tiger, which is a gold with black/gold glitter topper. So here is Don't Feed The Tiger, the polish I tried first from this limited edition.

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As I mentioned before, this polish consists of a gold base color which has a foil finish. Texture was good and went on smoothly. I was a bit afraid that handling might be a bit difficult because of the bottle shape, but application was no problem. I needed two coats for full opacity.

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There is not much I can say about the base color as it is just your average gold foil polish. I was excited about the glittery top coat! This is black square glitter and small gold round glitter dispersed in a clear base. To me the glitter looked quite dense in the bottle and I was disappointed when I applied the first coat. I could get only 4-6 of these black squares onto my nails and a lot of it just stuck to the brush. So I added a second coat and this is what you see on the photos. The individual coats need to dry a bit before adding another layer because the glitter had the tendency to drag and you might end up with all the glitter at the tips of your nails. Another problem was to apply the glitter evenly on the nails. On some nails I had a lot on one spot and nothing on the rest of the nail. So I tried to place some glitter onto those areas by "dotting" the brush where I wanted the glitter to be. The tiny gold glitter does not stand out against the gold base polish but it adds some nice sparkles to the manicure.

The glittery top coat was a bit on the thick side but that is ok since a thicker base helps the glitter stay dispersed evenly. If it's too thin, it might sink to the bottom of the bottle. Drying time was surprisingly quick. For this manicure I did not apply a top coat.

So, what can I say... I am disappointed with this one. The base colors of the Essence Circus Circus LE are nothing special - there's a black and pink creme, a jelly-ish bright red and a gold foil. But I didn't mind because it was the glitter that made those polishes interesting for me. Red and pink come with matching glitters while the black has gold glitter and the gold has black and gold glitter. Don't Feed The Tiger really looked like fun in the bottle but on my nails it looks meh... I don't think it looks flattering on me and I had hoped the glitter would be more dense. Maybe I'd like it better if I applied one or two more coats of the gold/black glitter. This leads to the other downside of this LE for me: bottle size! For every polish, there is 4ml of base color and 4ml of glitter which is not a lot I think. Still I think the glitter itself is very nice because I don't have a black square glitter in my stash and I might try layering this over another base color.

I bought my Circus Circus nail polishes at DM where they retail for 2,45€ per bottle. Essence is available at most other drugstores in Germany. In my area the Circus Circus displays were hard to find and they're already gone again in most stores so if you want to pick them up, you better hurry :)  ULTA, H-E-M and FredMeyer sell Essence in the US. Between December and January the Circus Circus LE will also be available in the US!

Despite the little disappointment with this nail polish I am looking forward to trying My Sparkling Acrobat which comes with multi-shaped and multi-sized gold top coat that will look festive over the black base.

Have you tried any of the Circus Circus Limited Edition nail polishes? What's your experience? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day.
- Sabine

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