Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall Favorites Series Part 10: OPI - DS Extravagance

Hello everyone!

Well, November is coming to an end and so is my Fall Favorites Series. So far I showed you nine of my favorite nail polish shades for this Fall and today I have for you number 10. It is Extravagance from OPI's Designer Series. This was my very first OPI DS buy as these polishes are a bit more expensive than normal OPI shades. The tiny amount of money you pay more for this polish totally pays off if you see the result on your nails :)

As you can see my bottle lacks the first sticker with the name and barcode on the bottom and the serial number has been removed as well. That does not mean it's fake, I simply purchased it from an e-tailer that is not authorized by OPI to sell their polishes (as are most online shops I feel). Just in case you were wondering.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall Favorites Series Part 9: Orly - Stone Cold

Hello everyone!

I can't believe it is the end of November already. That means Christmas time is just around the corner and still I haven't even thought about presents and stuff. Yesterday I finished decorations in our appartment but still I am not in the right mood for the upcoming holidays. 

Anyway, I'm still focusing on Fall nail polishes and today I have another favorite of mine. It is Stone Cold from Orly's Mineral FX collection 2011. Actually I like all the shades from that collection but this one stands out for me because it is such a vibrant sparkly blue.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fall Favorites Series Part 8: Finger Paints - To-Teally Chic

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving and you're enjoying your weekend! I am, mostly because I went shopping the other day only to find that there's a brand new Lush store in my city :D I can't say how much I love their products and now I finally don't have to order my Lemony Flutter online anymore. Plus I did some severe hauling at the Douglas perfumerie where we have a new MAC cosmetics counter as well. Looks like besides nail polish I'm becoming addicted to their blushes and eyeshadows as well. So I would happily take any recommendations what to buy next or what your favorites products are :)

But now on to the nail polish! Today I have for you one from my beloved Finger Paints Fall Fashionista collection, which came out this year. First I saw swatches on several blogs and immediately was hooked to those colors. Some might say they're only not so special creme shades that aren't even too unique... Well, might be but still I can't explain why I love this collection so much. It's just the perfect combination of dusty but not too vampy Fall polishes for me. One of my fave colors is To-Teally Chic, a medium teal creme shade.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fall Favorites Series Part 7: Butter London - Wallis & Happy Thanksgiving

Good afternoon

and HAPPY TURKEY DAY to everyone! I hope you're having a great holiday with family and lots of noms :) Here in Germany we don't celebrate Thanksgiving as in the US or Canada. Instead there is a day called Erntedankfest in the beginning of October which is quite similar.

The nail polish I have in my Fall Favorites Series for you today is a shade which is perfect for the Fall I think. It is Wallis from Butter London which came out in their Fall/Winter collection 2011. The name refers to Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, "whose third husband, Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom and the Dominions, abdicated his throne to marry her." The company describes this polish as "a tarnished, metallic olive gold, as mysterious and regal as its namesake." Now let's have a look at her.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Favorites Series Part 6: Essie - Sexy Divide

Good evening and happy Tuesday,

I hope you had a good start into this new week!
Today I have for you one of my few Essie nail polishes. It is Sexy Divide from this years Winter collection Dive Bar. This collection features six gorgeous metallic shades but sadly Sexy Divide is the only one I own from that collection. This color is not really new because it has been released previously in their Winter 2008 collection and gladly they re-released it in 2011.
Sexy Divide is a gorgeous dark shimmery purple and I think I can even see some blue and reddish shimmer in the base color!?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Favorites Part 5: a-england - Tristam

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope you had an awesome weekend! I had - actually I haven't done a lot but relax a bit after this stressful week of work. And what's best to calm down again? Right, polishing my nails and blogging ;D I processed lots of pictures this weekend for the upcoming posts of my Fall Favorites Series. But let's go through the polishes one at a time.
Today I have for you Tristam from a-england. It is a rather new nail polish brand founded by Adina Bodana and I've stumbled upon swatches of her polishes on several blogs in the past. So when she offered free international shipping I just had to give in and order three of those. (You can see the other two shades I got in my October haul here.) I do like the theme of that collection which is entitled "The Mythicals" and it contains twelve Big 3- and cruelty-free shades. Tristam is a "night blue sky with starlight glimmer and glow" and here's a bottle shot of it.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Favorites Part 4: Chanel - Graphite

Hello everyone!

This is going to be a rather quick post because I am feeling really exhausted today. Guess that's because I have been a busy bee these days. Yet I wanted to post this soon as there are so many favorites I just have to show you in this Fall Favorites series before the end of this month!

Today I have for you Chanel Le Vernis Graphite. Along with Peridot this is the most expensive nail polish I own I think. I bought this one while I was on vacation in Spain this Summer and it was a bit cheaper than at home. Actually I wore this one a while ago when my nails were longer and more squoval - now they're shorter and really square. I hope you like them anyway.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Favorites Series Part 3: Illamasqua - Viridian

Good evening

and welcome to the third part of my Fall Favorites Series! Today I have for you a "peacock green, metallic finish" as it's described by the company. It is Viridian by Illamasqua. This one came out in Fall 2010 as part of their Art Of Darkness collection. This has been one of my first Illamasqua polishes along with Scarab, the second polish from this collection.

Viridian looks like a mixture of peacock and emerald green with a nice shimmer to it. In real life it's a tidbit more green but my camera likes to pull out the blues in nail polishes.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Favorites Series Part 2: Orly - Space Cadet

Happy Sunday everyone!

Again I am bummed that the weekend is almost over again. Time passes much to quick these days for my liking.

In my last post I showed you one of my favorite Fall nail polishes China Glaze Midtown Magic and afterwards I decided to make this a little series here on my blog. So for the rest of this month I will show you the Fall shades I like most at the moment. This does not only include recent polishes but also some that came out a while ago.

The polish I show you today is one of those that came out in Fall 2010. It is Orly's Space Cadet from their Cosmic FX collection. This one is a stunning multichrome glittery foil nail polish. In the bottle it appears mostly purple and green-ish golden.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Favorites: China Glaze - Midtown Magic

Hello everyone!

Today I have just a quick post for you of one a my favourite Fall nail polishes this year! Plus this one is the first manicure I took photos of in my lightbox. I feel like they came out really nice and color accurate. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do!

Midtown Magic was released this Fall as a part of China Glaze's Metro collection. I loved this whole collection a lot but this is one of my absolute faves! The other one is the murky mustard yellow called Trendsetter. Well, let's focus on Midtown Magic now.


Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My October hauls - Part II

Good evening everyone,

hope you are having a great week so far! I am busy with work because I have to prepare two talks for work next week and I'm already a bit nervous... 
Still I wanted to show you the second part of my almost epic October nail polish haul. I think I have never spend so much money on nail polish in one month before. But I am simply in love with all those great Fall/Holiday collections this year (and a couple of other polishes ;-) ) so what can I do?! You can read the first part of the haul here. Again all those pictures were taken in my new lightbox, hope you like them!

Let's start this one in alphabetical order. Here we have three a-England polishes: Lady Of The Lake, Tristam and Perceval. The fourth one is The Shield, a clear top coat. I've seen so many swatches of those polishes and when Adina from a-England offered free worldwide shipping, I simply had to order them. These are still untrieds, though - shame on me! Need to wear them anytime soon.


Sunday, November 06, 2011

My October hauls aka Too much polish for one post

Good evening,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Too bad it's already Sunday evening so Monday is coming up fast.

As I told you here I bought myself a lightbox to finally be able to swatch during winter time as it gets dark before I'm back from work and also it's so gloomy during daytime. Of course I had to try it immediately and so I took pictures of all the polishes I bought last month. And it's been a lot so be prepared for some picture spam :) 

Let's start off with the rather boring stuff - that would be some treatments. I got OPI's natural nail base coat, CND Ridge Out and Poshé Fast Dry topcoat. Both OPI and CND base coats have a rubberized finish which I like a lot! I want to try Poshé top coat as an alternative to Seche Vite as this one gives me extensive shrinkage :(


Thursday, November 03, 2011

Poppy Military Green Layering

Good evening!

First of all I would like to welcome my new readers who found their way here after seeing my guest post over at Oooh, Shinies! I am glad so many of you liked my cupcake manicure and thanks again to Bregje for having me on her blog. I really had fun preparing this guest post. Since I did this manicure I have been craving cake and yesterday evening I pulled my Martha Stewart Cupcake recipe book from my bookshelf and I think I will prepare some yummy cupcakes this upcoming weekend :D Just can't decide if it'll be chocolate or fruits, haha. 

Today I would like to share with you a little layering manicure I did some days ago. In a swap I was finally able to get Finger Paints' Fall Fashionista collection which I have been lemming ever since I've seen the first swatches of it. This collection only contains creme shades but somehow I fell in love with those dusty colors. One of them is Military Green which is... well, it is a dark military green creme :) As I like to spice up an existing mani on the second day, I layered the Essence Pop topcoat from their recent Re-Mix Your Style limited edition over it. If you click "Read more" be prepared for some picture spam :) You can click all the images to enlarge them!


Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Guest Post at Oooh, Shinies!

Hi there!

Today I am not blogging from here. Instead you find me over at Bregje's Blog Oooh, Shinies! where I've been invited for a guest post. I did something completely new - some free hand nail art. So head over to her blog for some delicious cupcake nails :)

Secondly I would like to announce that my blog has reached 50 followers! Wow!! Thanks so much to my readers for your interest and comments! And here is a little shoutout to my 50th follower moonchild! She also has a great nail polish blog, so go out check her out, too.

Have a great day,
- Sabine
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