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Comparison Post - Chanel Peridot Vs Douglas Absolute Nails Fireworks

Hello everyone

and happy Sunday! Since the weather outside is quite depressing - it's cold, windy and raining all day long - I took the time to keep up with the blogs I follow and blog a little myself. I took the pictures for today's blog about 6 weeks ago but because of the Christmas Challenge I participated in I could not find the time to post this earlier.
I am showing you a comparison between Chanel Le Vernis Peridot and Douglas Absolute Nails Fireworks. I bought Peridot during last year's vacation in Spain and I stumbled upon Fireworks while browsing my local Douglas perfumery. A couple of months ago they released their own nail polish line called Absolute Nails and there were quite a number of pretty colors. When I saw Fireworks I instantly knew I had to pick it up and compare it to Peridot. I know there are a couple of close shades and the "dead on dupe" Diving In Malaysia from Sephora, but since I don't have access to Sephora I thought this would be a "low-budget" alternative. So let's start this off with a couple of bottle shots! And I have to warn you, this is going to be a picture heavy post ;) To see them all, continue reading after the break!

Both are limited edition. Peridot was part of the Fall 2011 Illusions d’Ombres de Chanel collection. Fireworks was one of three polishes in a limited edition that did not have a name - at least I couldn't find one anywhere.

In the picture above both polishes look similar in the bottle. Peridot as well as Fireworks are duochromes with a gold base color that shifts to a blue-green color depending on the angle. But when looked at from another angle one can see that Fireworks is a warmer gold shade, leaning towards copper.

The duochrome effect is strong in both polishes - at least in the bottle the gold shifts to a vibrant greenish blue. At this angle both nail polishes look very similar, it's hard to tell which is which I'd say.

Now let's see how this looks on the nails. I used two thin coats of each polish, there's no base or top coat. The photoss were taken in my lightbox. Application of both polishes was good, Peridot was a bit thinner than Fireworks but both gave good coverage with two thin coats. For Fireworks I could have gotten away with only one thicker coat though.

Right after application both polishes are a bit streaky, Peridot even more than Fireworks but after they have dried, both had a foil finish and not so many visible brush strokes. Drying time was good for both.


Again it is obvious that Absolute Nails Fireworks is leaning more towards copper or orange while Chanel Peridot is a cooler toned gold. I personally feel that Peridot has a stronger duochrome effect on the nails than Fireworks. the shift from gold over olive green to blue is more clearly visible than for Fireworks.

Even though those two polishes are really close to each other, they're not perfect dupes. Chanel Peridot costs around 22€ for 13 ml while Douglas Absolute Nails Fireworks is 4,95€ for 11ml! Considering the price I would recommend this as a budget dupe for Peridot if you don't have access to the Sephora dupe. Chanel nail polishes are available in most perfumeries and department stores in Germany while Absolute Nails is exclusively sold by Douglas perfumeries.

If you have access to a Douglas perfumery I would definitly recommend checking out their nail polishes! The standard range consists of 12 shades (which have various polishes that are close to other Chanels, just check Google ;D) and they constantly release limited shades.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great Sunday and hope to see you next time!
- Sabine

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