Friday, January 13, 2012

Essence Crystalliced LE - Frosted Champaign

Happy Friday everyone!

Working part of this week is done - again! Can't believe how fast time is rushing by these days. I am looking forward to the weekend! I need to stow away all the Christmas and Winter decorations in our house and then I'm ready for Spring to show up :)

But before that I have some more Winter nail polish shades for you! Today is the third day where I will show you swatches from a polish of Essence's current Winter Limited Edition called Crystalliced. So here is Frosted Champaign, a light cream color with gold and silver shimmer and some red flecks in it.

When I picked this one up in store I didn't even notice the shimmer and the flecks in the base color. I became aware of them after looking at my macro shots. So the shimmer is not that obvious when looked at from a distance, but see for yourself.

This is three coats of Frosted Champaign without base or top coat and you can still see a tiny bit of VNL. If you want full coverage I would recommend a fourth coat or simply apply a plain white polish as a base. Application was good, not too thin or too thick. This one did not level out that nicely and after the second coat it still looked a bit streaky so I added a medium third coat to even everything out. Drying time was surprisingly quick (which is true for all the Crystalliced polishes) so you don't have to wait an eternity for your coats to dry. And here you can finally see the red flecks I was talking about :) Pretty, huh?!

Sorry for those many pictures but since I got this macro lens for Christmas I just have to take a whole lot of real close up shots and then can't decide which one to use, haha.

I really wish the glitter and shimmer in the polishes from Essence's Crystalliced LE would show up better on the nails because they're so pretty in the bottle! The only polish that was very shimmery on the nails was Iced Age Reloaded I showed you previously. Anyway I am in love with this collection!

The Essence CrystallICEd collection is available in most German drugstores between January and February 2012. One bottle contains 8ml and retails for 1,79€. In the US Essence is sold by ULTA,  H-E-B and FredMyer. So far I couldn’t find out if this Limited Edition is coming to the US as well.

On a different note: Do you like the small macro image I added to the bottle shot? Since the shimmer and glitter in that collection is decent I just wanted to show you what it looks like in the bottle. Does that help and shall I do this for other polishes in the future? And how do you like the macro shots? Please let me know! 
Thanks for reading and have a great day!
- Sabine

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