Saturday, January 07, 2012

Got the moody blues: Icing Mood Swing polish - Serene/Stormy

Happy Saturday!

First week of work for this new year is done, hope you got through it fine! The weather here is freaking me out, it's been raining and stormy for days now and there's not a lot you can do outside.  So I'll spend this weekend swatching and blogging :)

Today I have for you a polish I got as an extra in my very first MakeUpAlley swap a while ago and I was really happy to find this included in my package! It is a Mood Swing Polish by Icing and the color is called Serene/Stormy. This polish is supposed to change colors depending on the temperature of your hands or outside. Here is a picture of the cool color Serene which is a pretty blue that leans towards purple with teal shimmer.

Since my nails have quite a few mm of free edge I thought those would represent the cool color and the "nail bed part" would be the warm color, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Maybe my hands are just too cold for the color to change so I had to put them under warm water and this is what happens:

The color changes to a bright blue. Unfortunately that color disappeared really quick :( For comparison here are both colors on one hand.

I would have loved to see both colors on my nails at the same time but still I like both shades and the idea of those polishes! Along with this I got a bottle of another Icing Mood Swing which is Romantic/Relaxed and I'm excited how this will look on my nails!

Have you tried any mood swing polish so far? I heard there are some nice ones from Claire's but I haven't seen them anywhere.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!
- Sabine

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