Sunday, January 29, 2012

My January haul & swaps

Hi everyone!

Since some of you requested to see all the polishes I've purchased this month I am showing you some bottle spam today! Beware - this is going to be a picture heavy post! Here's a little teaser. If you want to see more, simply click "read more". For detailed swatches and reviews on the polishes I've already worn follow the highlighted links. And now lean back with a hot cup of coffee and cookies and enjoy ;) Oh and please don't judge me. My wallet already does, I can still hear it weeping. Maybe I am a little obsessed with nail polish... only a tiny bit...

OK, now where shall I start. Let's begin this with the polishes I have bought in the very beginning of this month. This is Essence's Crystalliced collection which includes five neutral colors with decent shimmer or glitter in it. Usually I am a huge fan of dark vampy or vibrant colors but this limited edition had something to it that made me take all of those home. Here are Frosted Champaign, Ice Crystals On My Window, Ice Eyes Baby, It's A Snow Woman's World and Iced Age Reloaded!

There already is another limited edition from Essence which came out just now and is called "Crazy Good Times", referring to the carnival season coming up over here. That collection is some really funky colors with all sorts of glass flecks, flakies, glitter... So far I could only find two of them as the rest was already gone from the only display I came across. I hope to be able to hunt down the murky yellow and the pink glass-flecked one as well. Those two are Confetteria and Candyction.

Now we come to the US polishes I ordered online. I have seen soooo many swatches of pretty Zoya polishes but until recently could keep myself from ordering them. Then I found, an online shop for Zoya, China Glaze, OPI and others. So I caved and ordered 8 Zoyas that have been on my wishlist for quite a while. Please welcome Norra, Valerie, Tao, Cynthia, Edyta, Verushka, Holly and Rina in my stash!
Of course I added some more polishes to my shopping cart and I ended up spending 90 bucks or so. Yikes! I got OPI DS Temptation as well as two polishes from the recent Nicki Minaj collection. Those are Save Me and Metallic4Life - which by the way looks like a silver version of Revlon's Facets Of Fuchsia to me, don't you think?

I also purchased two China Glaze Halloween 2010 polishes - Ick-A-Bod-Y and Zombie Zest. Can't wait to try those, will probably put them on before Halloween season ;) When I first unpacked my polishes and saw Essie Hot Choco I went "Noooo, they sent my a wrong polish", but they didn't. Seems like this was a free gift from them, wow! Well, it's not a color I'd fall for but I will surely try it!

There's one thing I have to say about the shop I ordered all those from. Only after I had made my payment I found out that is run by the same person as NailEtc and I was a bit worried as I have heard people having some trouble with NailEtc before. I didn't get any order confirmation or notification that they got my payment, but apart from that everything went well! Even shipping was quick, just took 10 day from US to Germany!

Another online shop you all surely know is Llarowe and I am so glad she finally sells Lynnderella polishes so international nail polish lovers can get their hands on them as well. I have to admit it is still not that easy to order those as they're constantly sold out. I was only able to get The Tell-Tale Heart so far but I will try to order Lucky Numbers and Gotta Love Brains one day - when my wallet has recovered from this severe injury ;) BTW I love the name as Edgar Allen Poe is one of my favorite poets and his short story The Tell-Tale Heart is great! Aside from that I got two HITS No Olimpo holos (Demeter and Apolo) and two Mari Moon multichromes (Chameleon and Artsy). They look already damn pretty in their bottles!

Another great e-tailer I can only recommend is Harlow & Co where I purchased my first Nerd Lacquers! Katie ships from Canada and it took quite a while to get the package but it was worth the wait! I'll skip the names as you can see them in the photo. I ordered those six large bottles and the small one is a free sample of Purely Logical. That was so cool to find as I initially wanted to order this one as well but it was sold out at that time. Finding this little sample in the package made me even happier ;)

Uhm, are you still with me? Hope you haven't run out of coffee by now! But we're almost done here! There's one more photo I would like to show you. Via Twitter I met the nice Jacqui from Scholarly Nail and we worked out a swap. This is what I got from her: Fantasy Maker Night Glow (the brightest Glow In the Dark top coat I have ever seen), Creepy Pumpkin (what a bold orange!) and Black Magic. Then there is Wet'nWild Night Prowl from their On The Prowl collection (again reminds me of Facets of Fuchsia, only without the large hex glitter), Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice (pretty similar to Ick-A-Bod-Y), and Revlon Grape Fizz (my first scented polish).

Phew, I think that's it! I know, a lot of polish and I really feel like I've spend too much money on it this month! I will try not to buy any others until OPI's Spring Holland collection comes out. I just love those! And maybe a-england's The Legend collection... Uh-oh.... I better stop here because the longer I think about it the more polishes I feel I need come to my mind. Please let me know I am not alone, that there are more nail polish hoarders like me out there ;)

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Sunday!
- Sabine

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