Sunday, February 19, 2012

Catrice - Lovely Sinner. Glittery jelly red? Yes, please!

Hi everyone and happy Sunday!

You might have realized that I made slight changes in the appearance of my blog. I removed the LinkWithin widget from the homepage so it shows up only on the post page. I added the ShareThis widget so you can now directly send a post via Twitter or Facebook. Sadly the Pinterest button does not always work properly but I hope to get that fixed soon! Do you find those tools helpful at all?

Today is kind of a special day for me as I am posting my very first bright red manicure here. This is a premiere because until yesterday I have never worn a bright red nail polish as a full manicure because... uhm, I can't even tell why. Just thought I would not like it on me. But I was proven wrong! Initially I picked up Catrice Lovely Sinner from the Welcome To Las Vegas Fall 2011 collection for a swap but then didn't swap it. So it's been sitting in my stash until my boyfriend picked this one for me this weekend. And what can I say - I admit that I really really love it!!


Catrice's Lovely Sinner is a squishy jelly red polish with small red glitter particles in it. When I applied the first coat I was a bit skeptical as it appeared more pink than red but after the third coat it was a nice red color. The nail polish is on the thick side but managable and it dried quick. Basecoat is P2 Perfect Repair and topcoat is CND Speedey.

Lovely Sinner is similar to Marilyn & Me - also from Catrice, but it has been discontinued by now - and China Glaze Ruby Pumps but it is not a dead-on-dupe based on comparisions. I don't own the other two but on pictures they look close enough for me to own only one of them.

I still keep staring at my sparkly bright red nails and would have never thought I could love a red like this. I dare saying it goes along well with my pretty pale skin tone. I will surely watch out for more red polishes like that in the near future!

Do you like red nail polishes? Or are they too daring? Maybe you can recommend your favorite red nail polish to me ;)

- Sabine

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