Sunday, February 05, 2012

Essence Crazy Good Times - Candyction Swatches & Review

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you're having a great weekend so far! Here it is still pretty cold so I spent most of it snuggled up in blankets with a hot cup of tea on the couch. This cold weather is also messing with my cuticles. They've been pretty dry lately and I am moisturizing like crazy - my colleagues are already laughing at me because I reach for my hand lotion a dozen times a day ;) Speaking of hand care: Would my fellow readers be interested in a series about the products I use?! Let me know via the comments please!

Today I have for you the first polish of the latest Essence Limited Edition called Crazy Good Times. This refers to the carnival season coming up here and so this collection carries lots of rather crazy stuff like fake lashes, body tattoo stamps or body glitter as well as nailpolishes in eye-catching colors. And so is Candyction, a vibrant neon flakie polish!

The base color of Candyction is a pink-toned orange or almost a coral color. It is not translucent enough to be a jelly but its texture very much reminded my of a jelly - it was thick and gooey. It is managable however. As with Essence's last LE Crystalliced I also did not like the brush very much because it had crooked bristles that made neat application a bit difficult. I needed two coats for complete coverage and drying time was really quick! The flakies are clearly visible in the bottle and they flash yellow/gold. However on the nails they were barely visible and they only showed their beauty when looked at in direct lighting. I think the base polish is a bit too opaque for those flakies. Further it left a bumpy surface but this can surely be leveled out with a layer of topcoat - which I haven't used here.

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Sorry for the picture spam ;) This one was a bit hard to capture right as it was freaking out my camera as all neons usually do. Finally I can say I like Candyction in the bottle. It is a crazy vibrant color and I am a sucker for multichrome flakies. Yet I did not really love this on my nails and I can't see myself wearing this in everyday life. It is however very suitable for carnival and parties I think. On other blogs I have seen this one layered over black or red polishes and I want to try that. Maybe the golden-ish flakies will stand out more when one applies only one coat over a darker base polish.

The Essence Crazy Good Times Limited Edition was supposed to be available in German drugstores throughout February 2012. However I could only find one display in one local drugstore (Rossmann) in the end of January and two of the colors where sold out already. Too bad the Essence LE displays are rather small and carry only 4 bottles of each polish :( I hope some more displays will show up in other drugstores this month! 8ml retail for 1,79€.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your Sunday!
- Sabine

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