Sunday, February 12, 2012

Essence Crazy Good Times - Glittertastic Swatches & Review

Hi everyone!

It is Sunday again. Wow, time passes too fast these days! I have to go to the lab later today to continue an experiment I started this week - bad timing, I know. To make things worse I am still a bit tired. Last night was a friend's Bachelor party because she is going to get married in March. We were 8 girls and really had a good time having cake and dinner and we even organized a limousine ride. I've never been in such a car before but it felt great ;) The whole party lasted nine hours plus it took me a three hour train ride to get there so I fell asleep in the car when my boyfriend took me home in the night... and I still don't feel fully awake but I really would like to get something done today...

...Like showing you the fourth polish I got from the Essence Crazy Good Times Limited Edition! Reviews of Candyction, Confetteria and Paradelade can be found here, here and here. Today I am showing you Glittertastic, which is a clear base loaded with silver microglitter and larger hexagonal silver glitter. Those glitter particles are sparkling nicely when the light hits them!

First I put Glittertastic over Paradelade, the silver glitter-spiked black polish from the same LE which I tried before, to see how dense the glitter is. This is one coat.

I like this layered over black! You can nicely see the dense microglitter and the hex silver particles are clearly visisble. Yet I wanted to know if this can be worn on its own. For full coverage I needed three coats of Glittertastic over Paradelade.

As you can see the black base color is almost completely gone after applying three coats of Glittertastic. Somehow I liked this one better as an effect topcoat because the individual glitter particles stand out more but if you like to wear this solo it's well suited as you don't need plenty of coats to obtain opacity. The surface is a little rough but with one or two coats of top coat - which I have not used for those swatches - it should be possible to even everything out. Application was okay for me. The base is a bit thick but since this is a glitter nail polish it's absolutely ok. I would recommend waiting a minute or two for the individual coats to dry so you don't drag the glitter to the tip of your nail. The large hex glitter tends to stick out at the nail tips so I like to push it back a bit with the brush when I am done with the coat. I really can't stand the feeling of my nails getting caught everywhere ;)

Again this is not the most unique polish in the world, but I don't have a 100% dupe in my stash either. It reminds me of Servin' Up Sparkle by OPI, but this consists of silver holo glitter in a clear base. Crown Me Already, also by OPI has silver micro- and hex glitter but in addition it also contains larger hex particles.

The Crazy Good Times Limited Edition is available during February 2012 in most German drugstores. I found a display at my local Rossmann store in late January but last week I also spotted one at DM. The displays are small, there are only three bottles of each color and they sell out fast. So be sure to check out your local drugstores any time soon if you still want to get your hands on that collection! For 1,79€ per 8ml bottle those are pretty affordable.

Now I am going to take a nap before heading to the lab. 
Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for reading,

- Sabine

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