Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little update on my life & Confetti - Masquerade Ball

Good evening everyone!

I am back again! I have not had the time to blog at least twice a week as I normally do and I am sorry for that. Life is a little crazy right now. My time in the lab is nearing the end as I will start writing my PhD thesis in the middle of April. And of course now work is piling up and my PI has lots of (good) new ideas so right now I am struggling to set up all those experiments. So yes, I am very busy at the moment and will be for the next six weeks but after that it'll get a bit better because I don't have to go to the lab but can write my thesis at home - which means I will have some more time for blogging in between ;) I have to admit that work is first priority these days but is shortly followed by nail polish and blogging! As this helps me calming down after a stressful day I will try to get up a post at least once a week until April. So please be a little patient with me these days! Still I hope you enjoy the stuff I post!

So right on to the nail polish! Today I have Confetti's Masquerade Ball for you. I got this one in a swap with the lovely Dana from Polished Claws Up and she did a great job picking those polishes for me! By the way, if you haven't already you should check out her blog as she always has some great vintage (and recent) polishes to show off ;)

I have never heard of the brand Confetti before but I think it is a small US drugstore brand. Nevertheless they have some pretty stuff as far as I can tell from the three polishes I have :) 
Masquerade Ball is a nice wine red with shimmer and for a dark vampy polish lover like me this one is right up my alley! It may not be the most unique shade in the world but I don't mind and I don't think I have a color like this in my stash. For this manicure I used two coats which applied easily. This one lasted two days without cracks or chips and I needed some change on the third day so I did a little layering experiment. I will show you the result in my next post *teases* :D

So stay tuned, thanks for stopping by and have a great Sunday evening!
- Sabine


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