Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Manicure: Essence - Mojito Green topped with Cover Band - Sticks 'n Stones

Hi y'all!

Yes, as the title implies it is my birthday today. I am turning 28... geeez, time really passes quick and I am getting old *lol*. But let's not worry about age now. Initially I had planned to do a special manicure or some nail art for today but I just liked the one I applied the day before so much that I decided to leave it on. I am wearing Essence's Mojito Green from the current Soul Sista Limited Edition. To spice this polish up a bit I applied one coat of Cover Band's Sticks 'n Stones. I am in love with this bold and eye catching combination!

Mojito Green is a bit greener in real life but somehow my camera does not like to pick it up properly. It is a really vibrant color with pretty greenish golden shimmer. I took some pictures of Mojito Green on its own that I will post later. I might have figured out how to properly color correct with Photoshop by then (if anyone has experience with it, please let me know what is the trick ;) Thanks).
I know that Sticks 'n Stones has caused quite some turmoil among the nail polish community as this is a very close dupe to Lynnderella's Connect The Dots. I do not want to discuss that matter here now but all I can say is I love this as a topper on other polishes! There is all sorts of black and white glitter in there and some sparse iridescent glitter particles. I will surely layer this over another color any time soon.

That's my Nail Of The Day and with this I am leaving for some yummy dinner :)
Thanks for looking and have a great evening!

<3 Sabine

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