Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catrice - Marilyn & Me: Another favorite bright red of mine

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and a nice time celebrating St. Patrick's Day! Here in Germany St. Patrick's Day isn't a big deal, still I wanted to do some appropiate manicure for this day as I love greens of all sorts. I already have to say that it didn't work out that way. Yesterday was a good friend of mine's wedding. I had chosen to go with a black dress with white polks dots that reminded me of the 50s. I also needed some new shoes and I ended up buying some heels from Irregular Choice  - I haven't heard from that brand before but I love them as they have lots of crazy designs! Those heels had a deep red heart on top so I thought green nails would not go with that so well. Instead I pulled out one of the very few bright reds I own, which was Marilyn & Me from Catrice. First I thought it would be a bit too much for a wedding but then I thought that bright red nails would match my 50s inspired outfit. I don't know if I succeeded in matching everything but I included a photo of yesterday's outfit for you to judge :)

Catrice's Marilyn & Me is a beautiful bright red with lots of red microglitter and some small round red glitter particles. When I saw this it reminded me of Lovely Sinner, which was part of their Welcome to Las Vegas Limited Edition from Fall 2011. You can see photos of Lovely Sinner here. And those two are indeed close but not exact dupes. The base color looks pretty much the same but the glitter particles are smaller in Lovely Sinner and it lacks the microglitter that Marilyn & Me has. For this manicure I did threee thin coats to get is opaque and to get enough of that glitter onto my nails. What can I say? I love this polish! I find it's not wedding-inappropriate at all - not to mention that there were quite a number of ladies with bright red nails! The only downside for me is that after one day already I have pretty visible tipwear on most of my nails. But since I change my nail polish almost every second day that's ok for me.

I promised you a photo of my complete outfit for the wedding earlier on. So here I am with my polka dot dress, my bolero and my new shoes. Those are the highest heels I've ever worn and they were killing my after half a day already! Ouchie. But they are so pretty, I can't blame them ;) See for yourself.

My boyfriend keeps telling my that I always look too serious on photos. I know he is right but I don't like myself smiling in pictures, I always look so stupid, lol.

For those who are interested in the polish: Catrice Marilyn & Me is part of their standard range which is available in most German drugstores (yay for DM finally selling their products, too :D ). Catrice polishes retail for 2,49€ per 10 ml.

I hope you enjoyed my nails and my outfit! Have a great Sunday evening.
Thanks for stopping by,
- Sabine

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