Sunday, March 11, 2012

Long Forgotten Beauty: L'Oreal Resist & Shine Titanium - Black Ruby (734)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Last week I got some of those anti-slip mats to put into my Alex drawers so that my polish bottles won't slide around anymore. For this, I had to take out all my polishes and I found some that I purchased long back and which have been resting in the back of the drawer ever since. So I decided to put those on again and show them to you. The first one I have for you is by L'Oreal from their Resist & Shine Titanium Black series. This is one of the three L'Oreal polishes I own because whenever I saw their polishes in the drugstore I did not really like them as the colors weren't really my cup of tea. However they released the Titanium Black series a while ago and it contained three polishes which caught my attention. Black Ruby or No. 734 was one of them.

Black Ruby 734 is a dark burgundy red with a nice, almost duochromatic shimmer that shifts from red to orange. In the shade or at extreme angles (first two photos after the jump) the shimmer is barely visible and the polish appears really dark but when the sunlight hits it, the shimmer particles sparkle like crazy! It is a really nice vampy shade of red. I think it must have been at least six years ago when I bought this polish because I remember I already had it when I moved to my first own appartment... which was was eight years ago already... geeez, time really flies by! So it could have been in my stash for eight years or longer ;) Still it wasn't thick or anything and application was good. I did two coats for full coverage. L'Oreal promises wear "up to 7 days" which I cannot confirm because already on the second day I had a chip on my right hand and I took it off on the third day. And I've never worn the same manicure for a whole week so it doesn't bother me that the polish does not keep its promise ;)

The L'Oreal Resist & Shine nail polish line has been discontinued over here and been replaced by Color Riche nail polishes, but again this line does not carry colors that caught my eye.

I hope you liked this long forgotten beauty! Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping by.
- Sabine

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