Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Max Factor - Fantasy Fire over Essie - Aruba Blue

Hi everyone!

Today I have a polish for you I have really been looking forward to wearing myself from the moment I saw the first swatches. I am talking of Max Factor's Max Effect nail polish Fantasy Fire! This little beauty has been highly anticipated by the nail polish community as it is close to the long discontinued Clarins 230 or Urban Decay Toxin multichrome polishes - also known as Unicorn Pee ;) Scrangie has some great comparisions here and it turns out that Fantasy Fire is not an exact dupe for the afore mentioned polishes. The only problem was: How shall I get my hands on this pretty polish as it has only been released in the UK so far. Gladly there are lots of friendly nail polish lovers out there and the lovely Esther from FabFingertips hunt this one down for me. Thanks again lady, you made another nail polish fanatic very happy :D
Before you click "read more" I have to worn you that this is going to be a picture heavy post as the multichrome shimmer was so hard to capture in all its beauty and I took pictures under several lighting conditions. Ready for some beautyful multichrome shimmer? Here we go!

This is two coats of Fantasy Fire over two coats of Essie Aruba Blue. It can best be layered over another base color because the purple base is very sheer. Plus the bottle is really small - only 5ml - and I do not want to finish this beauty too soon, hence the layering.
The multichrome shimmer shifts from purple over reddish, orange and yellow to green. At extreme angles there even are some blue flashes. This color shift was so hard to capture on camera but in the last close up shot it is nicely visible. Those pictures where taken in my lightbox under indirect lighting. In direct lighting Fantasy Fire is much sparklier, the multichrome effect however is not that strong under those conditons.

And here are some pics taken outdoors under a cloudy sky.

Isn't it just beautiful? It is really a shame that they make only these small bottles and that Max Factor will not release it everywhere. Next time I wear it I will put it over a matching base color to see if the multichromatic effect will be stronger then. The vibrant Essie Aruba Blue probably isn't the perfect base but still I liked this combo a lot. Inspired by Danny from PolishChest, who makes her own nail polish jewelry, I made my first own nail polish ring. So if I ever happen to run out of Fantasy Fire I still have this ring to stare at. For this I painted two coats on a cabochon and added one coat of CND Dark Amethyst, a dark plum creme. Over this polish the color shift is much more visible! 

With those shimmer multichrome pictures I am leaving you for today and wish you all a great Tuesday! 

Thanks for stopping by,

- <3 Sabine


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