Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Winter Farewell: Rescue Beauty Lounge - Catherine

Good evening!

I hope all is well at your end of the world! Today is the first official day of Spring but I have one more Fall shade to show you.
I show you a nail polish from a brand that is completely new in my stash. I got my first Rescue Beauty Lounge polish in an - I dare saying epic - swap with Bridget from Polish Oh My. Thanks again girl, always a pleasure to swap with you ;) If you like nail polish, make-up and cars I recommend visiting her blog!
She sent me her backup bottle of Catherine, which was released as a part of RBL's Fall 2010 collection. This collection was a Limited Edition and retailed for $18 a bottle. Only recently the price increased to $20 so this polish is one of the most expensive ones I own. Was it worth the money? See for yourself!


I am sorry for the little fuzzy on my middle finger in the close-up shot.
Where can I start describing Catherine?! I feel like there is so much going on in this nail polish. The base color is a dark dusty purple. I feel it's leaning slightly towards brown. And then there is a lot of shimmer and microglitter in various colors. Most prominent is the fuchsia microglitter followed by the turquoise microglitter. In the bottle fine silver shimmer can be seen which is not very prominent on the nails. So purple, fuchsia, turquoise and silver sound like a lot but it definitely is not too much and the colors go well together.  This is two coats which applied nice and evenly.

Catherine was my very first RBL polish and I fear it won't be my last as I really like it! I have seen swatches of their Fan collection which was released only recently and I am in love with those colors. For 20 bucks a bottle they will make my wallet moan but if the quality is good I don't feel too bad about it. 

What's your opinion on "high-end" polishes - worth the $$ or rather invest in more cheaper polishes?

With this, I am waving Winter and cold weather goodbye and welcome Spring and sunshine - also on my nails ;) Have a great day, thanks for stopping by!
- Sabine

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  1. That looks beautiful on you :) I'm jealous of anyone who has anything from that collection. And I'm all for buying high end brands but the big reason I have yet to buy an RBL is because shipping outside the US is INSANE. I'm going to NYC soon so maybe I'll buy a few there.


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