Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Manicure & Review: Nostalgic Lacquer - Blane over OPI - Planks A Lot

Hi everyone

and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating Easter and those who did not celebrate hopefully had a great 4-day-weekend! We did not really celebrate Easter but yet I enjoyed the time with families and friends that goes along with it. And of course I did some Easter themed manicure this weekend. Well, it didn't turn out as Easter-ish as I had planned. Due to lack of time I dismissed my plans to wear a pretty pastel yellow glitter polish and went with a layering instead. Don't worry, that pastel polish will be painted onto my nails any time soon as it is just perfect for Spring *teaser* 
A while ago I ordered some polishes from Nostalgic Lacquer, another independent polish brand, and when they finally arrived I couldn't wait to try them on. So my "plan B" Easter manicure was Nostalgic Lacquer Blane over Planks A Lot from OPI.

Blane is part of Nostalgic Lacquer's Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle Collection and is a purple jelly with round fuchsia and aqua glitter as well as some large blue hexagonal glitter. The base is too sheer to be worn on its own so I went looking for a matching color to put this over. I ended up pulling out OPI's Planks A Lot of my stash. First I did two coats of this lavender creme before adding two coats of Blane. Formulawise this is nice, not as gooey as other jellys I have tried. In fact this one is on the thin side but still the glitter stays dispersed evenly and does not sink to the bottom of the bottle. The only downside was the sparse amount of glitter. It took me a bit of fiddling to get the desired amount of glitter onto my nails. Even after those two coats I wished there would have been a bit more of bling on my nails. A plus is the quick drying time and the non-gritty surface it leaves behind! Even the large hex glitter lay down flat on my nails and one coat of INM Out The Door was enough to get it completely smooth.
Nostalgic Lacquers can be ordered from her new shop here. They retail for $9 per full-size bottle and she ships internationally. Most shades have sold out at the moment but be sure to check out her blog here for latest updates on her polishes!

Thanks for reading and have a good evening,
<3 Sabine

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  1. Love this combination Sabine, but as you say not much bling for 2 coats :-(


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