Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dollish Polish - Fat Guy In A Little Coat

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I am back with another beloved indie polish brand of mine. Today's lacquer is from Dollish Polish and it is entitled Fat Guy In A Little Coat. When I first read the name I thought why would someone call a nail polish like that?! Then I learned that it was inspired by a scene in the movie Tommy Boy where the main character puts on a waaay too small coat and does a little dance to tease his friend. To be honest, I have never seen that movie myself and for all of you who do not know it, here is the movie scene Fat Guy In A Little Coat refers to. To see the polish inspired by that movie, read on after the jump.


FGIALC is a golden/beige shimmery frost base with large and small blue hex glitter which is accompanied by medium aqua glitter and tiny chartreuse flecks. Those flecks aren't glitter but rather look like tiny glass shards which stick out of the nail - so if you want a smooth finish you need to be heavy with the topcoat. What you see here is three coats of FGIALC with base- and topcoat. Yes, it is really sheer! You could probably get this one opaque if you apply one or two more coats. The downside is the more coats you add the more likely the beige base will obscure the blue glitter in it. Next time I reach for this polish I will layer it over a matching color or even black because it falls a bit flat on its own. On a positive note this one is really nice to work with - easy to apply and not thick or runny.

Fat Guy In A Little Coat can be purchased through Dolly's online shop where it retails for $8.75 for a full-size bottle. She does not have it in stock at the moment but on her blog or Facebook page she usually anounces when she will open the shop again.

Now I will mentally prepare for The Vampire Diaries Season finale tonight. Yes, I admit I watch that show and I like it ;) How about you?!

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